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Mark E Howard
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Howard, Mark E
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2020Worsening respiratory failure in an adult hydrocephalic patient with a ventriculo-pleural shunt.Wong, Edmond ; Jeganathan, Vishnu ; Wreghitt, Samuel ; Davis, Gavin A ; Wimaleswaran, Hari ; Howard, Mark E 
228-Oct-2020Motor neuroprosthesis implanted with neurointerventional surgery improves capacity for activities of daily living tasks in severe paralysis: first in-human experience.Oxley, Thomas J; Yoo, Peter E; Rind, Gil S; Ronayne, Stephen M; Lee, C M Sarah; Bird, Christin; Hampshire, Victoria; Sharma, Rahul P; Morokoff, Andrew; Williams, Daryl L; MacIsaac, Christopher; Howard, Mark E ; Irving, Lou; Vrljic, Ivan; Williams, Cameron; John, Sam E; Weissenborn, Frank; Dazenko, Madeleine; Balabanski, Anna H; Friedenberg, David; Burkitt, Anthony N; Wong, Yan T; Drummond, Katharine J; Desmond, Patricia; Weber, Douglas; Denison, Timothy; Hochberg, Leigh R; Mathers, Susan; O'Brien, Terence J; May, Clive N; Mocco, J; Grayden, David B; Campbell, Bruce C V; Mitchell, Peter; Opie, Nicholas L
325-Sep-2020Sleep-wake parameters can be detected in chronic stroke patients using a multi-sensor accelerometer: a validation study.Gottlieb, Elie; Churilov, Leonid ; Werden, Emilio ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Pase, Matthew P; Egorova, Natalia; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
411-Sep-2020Delay or Avoidance of Medical Care Because of COVID-19–Related Concerns — United States, June 2020Czeisler, Mark É; Marynak, Kristy; Clarke, Kristie E N; Salah, Zainab; Shakya, Iju; Thierry, JoAnn M; Ali, Nida; McMillan, Hannah; Wiley, Joshua F; Weaver, Matthew D; Czeisler, Charles A; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
514-Aug-2020Mental health, substance use and suicidal ideation during the COVID-19 pandemic - Unisted States, June 24-30, 2020Czeisler, Mark E; Lane, Rashon I; Petrosky, Emiko; Wiley, Joshua F; Christiansen, Aleta; Njai, Rashid; Weaver, Matthew D; Robbins, Rebecca; Facer-Childs, Elise R; Barger, Laura K; Czeisler, Charles A; Howard, Mark E ; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W
616-Jul-2020The effect of body position on maternal cardiovascular function during sleep and wakefulness in late pregnancy.Ishkova, Anna; Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Walker, Susan P; Barnes, Maree ; Nicholas, Christian L; Jordan, Amy S 
712-Jun-2020Public Attitudes, Behaviors, and Beliefs Related to COVID-19, Stay-at-Home Orders, Nonessential Business Closures, and Public Health Guidance — United States, New York City, and Los Angeles, May 5–12, 2020Czeisler, Mark É; Tynan, Michael A; Howard, Mark E ; Honeycutt, Sally; Fulmer, Erika B; Kidder, Daniel P; Robbins, Rebecca; Barger, Laura K; Facer-Childs, Elise R; Baldwin, Grant; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Czeisler, Charles A
8Jun-2020Exploring the associations between shift work disorder, depression, anxiety and sick leave taken amongst nurses.Booker, Lauren A ; Sletten, Tracey L; Alvaro, Pasquale K; Barnes, Maree ; Collins, Allison; Chai-Coetzer, Ching Li; Naqvi, Aqsa; McMahon, Marcus; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
927-Apr-2020Sleep-disordered breathing does not impact maternal outcomes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Fung, Alison M; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Lappas, Martha; Walker, Susan P
1024-Apr-2020The impact of heart rate-based drowsiness monitoring on adverse driving events in heavy vehicle drivers under naturalistic conditions.Wolkow, Alexander P; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Shee, Dexter; Baker, Angela; Lillington, Teri; Roest, Peter; Marx, Bernd; Chew, Carmen; Tucker, Andrew; Haque, Shamsul; Schaefer, Alexandre; Howard, Mark E 
1128-Mar-2020Regional neurodegeneration correlates with sleep-wake dysfunction after stroke.Gottlieb, Elie; Egorova, Natalia; Khlif, Mohamed Salah; Khan, Wasim; Werden, Emilio ; Pase, Matthew P; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
128-Mar-2020Periodic leg movements: A marker of cardiovascular risk?Howard, Mark E ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J 
1326-Feb-2020The presence of coexisting sleep-disordered breathing among women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy does not worsen perinatal outcome.Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Fung, Alison M; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Lappas, Martha; Walker, Susan P
145-Feb-2020Assessing the validity of eyelid parameters to detect impairment due to benzodiazepines.Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Swann, Philip; Howard, Mark E 
155-Feb-2020The Effect of Hospital Discharge with Empiric Noninvasive Ventilation on Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome: An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis.Mokhlesi, Babak; Masa, Juan Fernando; Afshar, Majid; Almadana Pacheco, Virginia; Berlowitz, David J ; Borel, Jean-Christian; Budweiser, Stephan; Carrillo, Andres; Castro-Añón, Olalla; Ferrer, Miquel; Gagnadoux, Frédéric; Golpe, Rafael; Hart, Nicholas; Howard, Mark E ; Murphy, Patrick B; Palm, Andreas; Perez de Llano, Luis A; Piper, Amanda J; Pépin, Jean Louis; Priou, Pascaline; Sánchez-Gómez, Jesús F; Soghier, Israa; Tamae Kakazu, Maximiliano; Wilson, Kevin C
16Feb-2020A pre-drive ocular assessment predicts alertness and driving impairment: A naturalistic driving study in shift workers.Mulhall, Megan D; Cori, Jennifer M ; Sletten, Tracey L; Kuo, Jonny; Lenné, Michael G; Magee, Michelle; Spina, Marie-Antoinette; Collins, Allison L ; Anderson, Clare; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
17Dec-2019Vehicle and Highway Adaptations to Compensate for Sleepy Drivers.Howard, Mark E ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Horrey, William J
1822-Oct-2019The role of sleep hygiene in the risk of Shift Work Disorder in nurses.Booker, Lauren A ; Barnes, Maree ; Alvaro, Pasquale; Collins, Allison L ; Chai-Coetzer, Ching Li; McMahon, Marcus A ; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E ; Sletten, Tracey L
1915-Sep-2019Eye-Blink Parameters Detect On-Road Track-Driving Impairment Following Severe Sleep Deprivation.Shekari Soleimanloo, Shamsi; Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Downey, Luke A; Shiferaw, Brook A; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
2015-Sep-2019Autocycling During Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Producing a Prolonged Severe Apnea and Syncope, Further Insights.Mu, Susana; Howard, Mark E ; Hannan, Liam M