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Bronwyn Stevens
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Stevens, Bronwyn
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2020Assessing the validity of eyelid parameters to detect impairment due to benzodiazepines.Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Swann, Philip; Howard, Mark E 
215-Sep-2019Eye-Blink Parameters Detect On-Road Track-Driving Impairment Following Severe Sleep Deprivation.Shekari Soleimanloo, Shamsi; Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Downey, Luke A; Shiferaw, Brook A; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
3May-2019Apnoea and hypopnoea scoring for people with spinal cord injury: new thresholds for sleep disordered breathing diagnosis and severity classification.Schembri, Rachel M ; Graco, Marnie ; Spong, Jo; Ruehland, Warren R ; Tolson, Julie ; Rochford, Peter D ; Duce, Brett; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Berlowitz, David J 
424-Oct-2018Worth the effort? Weighing up the benefit and burden of continuous positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea in chronic tetraplegia.Graco, Marnie ; Green, Sally E; Tolson, Julie ; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Rigoni, Alyssa; Henderson, Sandra; Nicholls, Carmel ; Berlowitz, David J 
52-Feb-2018Stationary gaze entropy predicts lane departure events in sleep-deprived drivers.Shiferaw, Brook A; Downey, Luke A; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Berlowitz, David J ; Swann, Phillip; Howard, Mark E 
6May-2017A randomised controlled trial of CPAP versus non-invasive ventilation for initial treatment of obesity hypoventilation syndromeHoward, Mark E ; Piper, Amanda J; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Holland, Anne E ; Yee, Brendon J; Dabscheck, Eli; Mortimer, Duncan; Burge, Angela T ; Flunt, Daniel; Buchan, Catherine; Rautela, Linda ; Sheers, Nicole ; Hillman, David; Berlowitz, David J 
715-Dec-2013The accuracy of eyelid movement parameters for drowsiness detection.Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Swann, Philip; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
81-Jan-2011The 2007 AASM recommendations for EEG electrode placement in polysomnography: impact on sleep and cortical arousal scoring.Ruehland, Warren R ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Pierce, Robert J; Thornton, Andrew T; Singh, Parmjit; Copland, Janet M; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Rochford, Peter D