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Maree Barnes
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Barnes, Maree
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128-Dec-2020Does continuous positive airways pressure treatment improve clinical depression in obstructive sleep apnea? A randomized wait-list controlled study.Jackson, Melinda L ; Tolson, Julie ; Schembri, Rachel M ; Bartlett, Delwyn; Rayner, Genevieve ; Lee, V Vien; Barnes, Maree 
227-Sep-2020Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Associated with Higher Brain Amyloid Burden: A Preliminary PET Imaging Study.Jackson, Melinda L ; Cavuoto, Marina; Schembri, Rachel M ; Doré, Vincent ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Barnes, Maree ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Robinson, Stephen R
316-Jul-2020The effect of body position on maternal cardiovascular function during sleep and wakefulness in late pregnancy.Ishkova, Anna; Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Walker, Susan P; Barnes, Maree ; Nicholas, Christian L; Jordan, Amy S 
4Jun-2020Exploring the associations between shift work disorder, depression, anxiety and sick leave taken amongst nurses.Booker, Lauren A ; Sletten, Tracey L; Alvaro, Pasquale K; Barnes, Maree ; Collins, Allison; Chai-Coetzer, Ching Li; Naqvi, Aqsa; McMahon, Marcus; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
527-Apr-2020Sleep-disordered breathing does not impact maternal outcomes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Fung, Alison M; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Lappas, Martha; Walker, Susan P
6Mar-2020Assessing the validity of eyelid parameters to detect impairment due to benzodiazepines.Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Swann, Philip; Howard, Mark E 
726-Feb-2020The presence of coexisting sleep-disordered breathing among women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy does not worsen perinatal outcome.Wilson, Danielle L ; Howard, Mark E ; Fung, Alison M; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Lappas, Martha; Walker, Susan P
813-Feb-2020The role of sleep hygiene in the risk of Shift Work Disorder in nurses.Booker, Lauren A ; Barnes, Maree ; Alvaro, Pasquale; Collins, Allison L ; Chai-Coetzer, Ching Li; McMahon, Marcus A ; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E ; Sletten, Tracey L
910-Oct-2019Bilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation for Treatment of Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea.Eastwood, Peter R; Barnes, Maree ; MacKay, Stuart G; Wheatley, John R; Hillman, David R; Nguyên, Xuân-Lan; Lewis, Richard; Campbell, Matthew C ; Pételle, Boris; Walsh, Jennifer H; Jones, Andrew C; Palme, Carsten E; Bizon, Alain; Meslier, Nicole; Bertolus, Chloé; Maddison, Kathleen J; Laccourreye, Laurent; Raux, Guillaume; Denoncin, Katleen; Attali, Valérie; Gagnadoux, Frédéric; Launois, Sandrine H
10Oct-2019Clinical depression in untreated obstructive sleep apnea: examining predictors and a meta-analysis of prevalence rates.Jackson, Melinda L ; Tolson, Julie ; Bartlett, Delwyn; Berlowitz, David J ; Varma, Prerna; Barnes, Maree 
1124-Oct-2018Worth the effort? Weighing up the benefit and burden of continuous positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea in chronic tetraplegia.Graco, Marnie ; Green, Sally E; Tolson, Julie ; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Rigoni, Alyssa; Henderson, Sandra; Nicholls, Carmel ; Berlowitz, David J 
1215-Jun-2018The Differential Effects of Regular Shift Work and Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Sleepiness, Mood and Neurocognitive Function.Cori, Jennifer M ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Barnes, Maree ; Westlake, Justine; Emerson, Paul; Lee, Jacen; Galante, Rosa; Hayley, Amie C ; Wilsmore, Nicholas; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Howard, Mark E 
13May-2018Mood disorders are highly prevalent in patients investigated with a multiple sleep latency test.Denton, Eve J; Barnes, Maree ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Collins, Allison; Naughton, Matthew T; Dabscheck, Eli
14Mar-2018Driver education: Enhancing knowledge of sleep, fatigue and risky behaviour to improve decision making in young drivers.Alvaro, Pasquale K; Burnett, Nicole M; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Min, William Yu Xun; McMahon, Marcus A ; Barnes, Maree ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Howard, Mark E 
1515-Jan-2018Neurobehavioral Impairment and CPAP Treatment Response in Mild-Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apneas.Jackson, Melinda L ; McEvoy, R Doug; Banks, Siobhan; Barnes, Maree 
162018Sleep-disordered breathing in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a BMI-matched study.Wilson, Danielle L ; Walker, Susan P; Fung, Alison M; Pell, Gabrielle; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Howard, Mark E 
1716-Nov-2017Light sensors for objective light measurement in ambulatory polysomnographySchembri, Rachel; Spong, Jo; Peters, Allison; Rochford, Peter D ; Wilksch, Philip; O’Donoghue, Fergal J; Greenwood, Kenneth M; Barnes, Maree ; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Berlowitz, David J 
1826-Jan-2015Efficacy of sleep position modification to treat positional obstructive sleep apnea.Jackson, Melinda; Collins, Allison L ; Berlowitz, David J ; Howard, Mark E ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree 
1926-Nov-2014Polysomnography using abbreviated signal montages: impact on sleep and cortical arousal scoring.Ruehland, Warren R ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Schachter, Linda M; Lakey, Tristia; Tarquinio, Natalie; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree ; Rochford, Peter D 
20Jun-2014Night-to-night repeatability of supine-related obstructive sleep apneaJoosten, Simon A; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Rochford, Peter D ; Barnes, Maree ; Hamza, Kais; Churchward, Thomas J ; Berger, Philip J; Hamilton, Garun S