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Allison L Collins
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Collins, Allison L
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2020Outcomes of endoscopic ultrasound as a one-off pancreatic cancer screening tool for 122 high- and moderate-risk patients.Efthymiou, Marios ; Chandran, Sujievvan ; Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Leonardo ; Collins, Allison L ; Rajadurai, Anton ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Vaughan, Rhys B 
213-Feb-2020The role of sleep hygiene in the risk of Shift Work Disorder in nurses.Booker, Lauren A ; Barnes, Maree ; Alvaro, Pasquale; Collins, Allison L ; Chai-Coetzer, Ching Li; McMahon, Marcus A ; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E ; Sletten, Tracey L
3Feb-2020A pre-drive ocular assessment predicts alertness and driving impairment: A naturalistic driving study in shift workers.Mulhall, Megan D; Cori, Jennifer M ; Sletten, Tracey L; Kuo, Jonny; LennĂ©, Michael G; Magee, Michelle; Spina, Marie-Antoinette; Collins, Allison L ; Anderson, Clare; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Howard, Mark E 
411-Jun-2019Sleepiness and driving events in shift workers: the impact of circadian and homeostatic factors.Mulhall, Megan D; Sletten, Tracey L; Magee, Michelle; Stone, Julia E; Ganesan, Saranea; Collins, Allison L ; Anderson, Clare; Lockley, Steven W; Howard, Mark E ; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W
515-Mar-2019The Impact of Shift Work on Sleep, Alertness and Performance in Healthcare Workers.Ganesan, Saranea; Magee, Michelle; Stone, Julia E; Mulhall, Megan D; Collins, Allison L ; Howard, Mark E ; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W; Sletten, Tracey L
6Jun-2018Temporal dynamics of circadian phase shifting response to consecutive night shifts in healthcare workers: role of light-dark exposure.Stone, Julia E; Sletten, Tracey L; Magee, Michelle; Ganesan, Saranea; Mulhall, Megan D; Collins, Allison L ; Howard, Mark E ; Lockley, Steven W; Rajaratnam, Shantha M W
720-Nov-2017Patients with thunderstorm asthma or severe asthma in Melbourne: a comparisonSutherland, Michael F; Le Portelli, Emma; Collins, Allison L ; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz ; McDonald, Christine F 
826-Jan-2015Efficacy of sleep position modification to treat positional obstructive sleep apnea.Jackson, Melinda; Collins, Allison L ; Berlowitz, David J ; Howard, Mark E ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Barnes, Maree 
92-Jan-2015Quantitative proteomics of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in lung adenocarcinoma.Almatroodi, Saleh A; McDonald, Christine F ; Collins, Allison L ; Darby, Ian A; Pouniotis, Dodie S
102-Jun-2014Initial and extended use of femoral versus nonfemoral double-lumen vascular catheters and catheter-related infection during continuous renal replacement therapy.Chua, Horng-Ruey; Schneider, Antoine G; Sherry, Norelle L ; Lotfy, Nadiah; Chan, Matthew J; Galtieri, Jonathan; Wong, Geoffrey R; Lipcsey, Miklos; Matte, CauĂȘ de Araujo; Collins, Allison L ; Garcia-Alvarez, Mercedes; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1114-May-2013Phoxilium vs Hemosol-B0 for continuous renal replacement therapy in acute kidney injury.Chua, Horng-Ruey; Schneider, Antoine G; Baldwin, Ian C ; Collins, Allison L ; Ho, Lisa; Bellomo, Rinaldo 
1212-Dec-2012Biochemical effects of phosphate-containing replacement fluid for continuous venovenous hemofiltration.Chua, Horng-Ruey; Baldwin, Ian C ; Ho, Lisa; Collins, Allison L ; Allsep, Helen; Bellomo, Rinaldo