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Melinda L Jackson
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Jackson, Melinda L
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
114-Jan-2021Prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing in people with tetraplegia-a systematic review and meta-analysis.Graco, Marnie ; McDonald, Luke A ; Green, Sally E; Jackson, Melinda L ; Berlowitz, David J 
228-Dec-2020Does continuous positive airways pressure treatment improve clinical depression in obstructive sleep apnea? A randomized wait-list controlled study.Jackson, Melinda L ; Tolson, Julie ; Schembri, Rachel M ; Bartlett, Delwyn; Rayner, Genevieve ; Lee, V Vien; Barnes, Maree 
3Oct-2020Sleep education for healthcare providers: Addressing deficient sleep in Australia and New Zealand.Meaklim, Hailey J ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Bartlett, Delwyn; Saini, Bandana; Falloon, Karen; Junge, Moira; Slater, James; Rehm, Imogen C; Meltzer, Lisa J
427-Sep-2020Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Associated with Higher Brain Amyloid Burden: A Preliminary PET Imaging Study.Jackson, Melinda L ; Cavuoto, Marina; Schembri, Rachel M ; DorĂ©, Vincent ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Barnes, Maree ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Robinson, Stephen R
524-Jun-2020Integrity of Multiple Memory Systems in Individuals With Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea.Jackson, Melinda L ; Rayner, Genevieve ; Wilson, Sarah; Schembri, Rachel M ; Sommers, Lucy; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Jackson, Graeme D ; Tailby, Chris 
622-Jun-2020Does Nasal Obstruction Induce Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Healthy Women?Pittaway, Islay; Ishkova, Anna; Bean, Helena; McCarthy, Stephanie; Lay, Isabella; Avraam, Joanne ; Dawson, Andrew; Thornton, Therese; Nicholas, Christian L; Trinder, John; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Jordan, Amy S 
78-Jun-2020Sleep and Mental Health among Paramedics from Australia and Saudi Arabia: A Comparison Study.Khan, Wahaj Anwar A; Conduit, Russell; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Abdullah Alslamah, Ahmed; Ahmad Alsuwayeh, Mohammad; Jackson, Melinda L 
8Jun-2020The relationship between shift-work, sleep, and mental health among paramedics in Australia.Khan, Wahaj Anwar A; Conduit, Russell; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Jackson, Melinda L 
9Apr-2020Obstructive sleep apnea, cognition and Alzheimer's disease: A systematic review integrating three decades of multidisciplinary research.Bubu, Omonigho M; Andrade, Andreia G; Umasabor-Bubu, Ogie Q; Hogan, Megan M; Turner, Arlener D; de Leon, Mony J; Ogedegbe, Gbenga; Ayappa, Indu; Jean-Louis G, Girardin; Jackson, Melinda L ; Varga, Andrew W; Osorio, Ricardo S
10Mar-2020Assessing the validity of eyelid parameters to detect impairment due to benzodiazepines.Wilkinson, Vanessa E ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Westlake, Justine; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Barnes, Maree ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Swann, Philip; Howard, Mark E 
11Oct-2019Clinical depression in untreated obstructive sleep apnea: examining predictors and a meta-analysis of prevalence rates.Jackson, Melinda L ; Tolson, Julie ; Bartlett, Delwyn; Berlowitz, David J ; Varma, Prerna; Barnes, Maree 
1220-Mar-2019Narrative review: Do spontaneous eye blink parameters provide a useful assessment of state drowsiness?Cori, Jennifer M ; Anderson, Clare; Shekari Soleimanloo, Shamsi; Jackson, Melinda L ; Howard, Mark E 
1315-Jun-2018The Differential Effects of Regular Shift Work and Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Sleepiness, Mood and Neurocognitive Function.Cori, Jennifer M ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Barnes, Maree ; Westlake, Justine; Emerson, Paul; Lee, Jacen; Galante, Rosa; Hayley, Amie C ; Wilsmore, Nicholas; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Howard, Mark E 
1415-May-2018The Effects of Experimental Sleep Fragmentation and Sleep Deprivation on the Response of the Genioglossus Muscle to Inspiratory Resistive Loads.Cori, Jennifer M ; Nicholas, Christian L; Avraam, Joanne ; Lee, V Vien; Schembri, Rachel; Jackson, Melinda L ; Jordan, Amy S 
15May-2018Mood disorders are highly prevalent in patients investigated with a multiple sleep latency test.Denton, Eve J; Barnes, Maree ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Collins, Allison; Naughton, Matthew T; Dabscheck, Eli
16Mar-2018Driver education: Enhancing knowledge of sleep, fatigue and risky behaviour to improve decision making in young drivers.Alvaro, Pasquale K; Burnett, Nicole M; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Min, William Yu Xun; McMahon, Marcus A ; Barnes, Maree ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Howard, Mark E 
1715-Jan-2018Neurobehavioral Impairment and CPAP Treatment Response in Mild-Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apneas.Jackson, Melinda L ; McEvoy, R Doug; Banks, Siobhan; Barnes, Maree 
18Oct-2016Autobiographical memory impairment in obstructive sleep apnea patients with and without depressive symptomsLee, V Vien; Trinder, John; Jackson, Melinda L 
1915-Aug-2016Prolonged eyelid closure episodes during sleep deprivation in professional driversAlvaro, Pasquale K; Jackson, Melinda L ; Berlowitz, David J ; Swann, Philip; Howard, Mark E 
20Jun-2016A systematic review of acupuncture for sleep quality in people with insomniaShergis, JL; Ni, X; Jackson, Melinda L ; Zhang, AL; Guo, X; Li, Y; Lu, C; Xue, CC