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Gerard A Kennedy
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Kennedy, Gerard A
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
115-May-2021Does the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia support the provision of behaviour change interventions?Singh, Harjit K; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Stupans, Ieva
226-Apr-2021Comparative Utility of Acupuncture and Western Medication in the Management of Perimenopausal Insomnia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Zhao, Fei-Yi; Fu, Qiang-Qiang; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Conduit, Russell; Wu, Wen-Zhong; Zhang, Wen-Jing; Zheng, Zhen
3Apr-2021Differential associations of hypoxia, sleep fragmentation and depressive symptoms with cognitive dysfunction in obstructive sleep apnoea.Alomri, Ridwan M; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Wali, Siraj Omar; Ahejaili, Faris; Robinson, Stephen R
414-Feb-2021A pharmacist health coaching trial evaluating behavioural changes in participants with poorly controlled hypertension.Singh, Harjit K; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Stupans, Ieva
57-Feb-2021Psychological Interventions to Improve Sleep in Young Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.Kodsi, Ali; Bullock, Ben; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Tirlea, Loredana
62-Feb-2021Can acupuncture improve objective sleep indices in patients with primary insomnia? A systematic review and meta-analysis.Zhao, Fei-Yi; Fu, Qiang-Qiang; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Conduit, Russell; Zhang, Wen-Jing; Wu, Wen-Zhong; Zheng, Zhen
728-Jan-2021A Pilot Australian Pharmacist Health Coaching Trial of Participants with Poorly Controlled Hypertension: A Qualitative Study of Participants' and Coaches' Experiences.Singh, Harjit Kaur; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Stupans, Ieva
810-Dec-2020Perceived barriers and enablers to physical activity participation in people with Alopecia Areata: a constructivist grounded theory study.Rajoo, Yamuna; Wong, J; Raj, I S; Kennedy, Gerard A 
93-Nov-2020The Role of Medication Beliefs on Medication Adherence in Middle Eastern Refugees and Migrants Diagnosed with Hypertension in Australia.Shahin, Wejdan; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Cockshaw, Wendell; Stupans, Ieva
1024-Aug-2020Does the Modality Used in Health Coaching Matter? A Systematic Review of Health Coaching Outcomes.Singh, Harjit; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Stupans, Ieva
11Aug-2020Regulation of the rabbit's once-daily pattern of nursing: a circadian or hourglass-dependent process?Apel, Sabine; Hudson, Robyn; Coleman, Grahame J; Rödel, Heiko G; Kennedy, Gerard A 
128-Jun-2020Sleep and Mental Health among Paramedics from Australia and Saudi Arabia: A Comparison Study.Khan, Wahaj Anwar A; Conduit, Russell; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Abdullah Alslamah, Ahmed; Ahmad Alsuwayeh, Mohammad; Jackson, Melinda L 
13Jun-2020The relationship between shift-work, sleep, and mental health among paramedics in Australia.Khan, Wahaj Anwar A; Conduit, Russell; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Jackson, Melinda L 
1423-Jul-2019The relationship between physical activity levels and symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress in individuals with alopecia Areata.Rajoo, Y; Wong, J; Cooper, G; Raj, I S; Castle, D J; Chong, A H; Green, J; Kennedy, Gerard A 
1515-Jun-2018The Differential Effects of Regular Shift Work and Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Sleepiness, Mood and Neurocognitive Function.Cori, Jennifer M ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Barnes, Maree ; Westlake, Justine; Emerson, Paul; Lee, Jacen; Galante, Rosa; Hayley, Amie C ; Wilsmore, Nicholas; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Howard, Mark E 
16Mar-2018Driver education: Enhancing knowledge of sleep, fatigue and risky behaviour to improve decision making in young drivers.Alvaro, Pasquale K; Burnett, Nicole M; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Min, William Yu Xun; McMahon, Marcus A ; Barnes, Maree ; Jackson, Melinda L ; Howard, Mark E 
1716-Nov-2017Light sensors for objective light measurement in ambulatory polysomnographySchembri, Rachel; Spong, Jo; Peters, Allison; Rochford, Peter D ; Wilksch, Philip; O’Donoghue, Fergal J; Greenwood, Kenneth M; Barnes, Maree ; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Berlowitz, David J 
18Feb-2016The utility of automated measures of ocular metrics for detecting driver drowsiness during extended wakefulnessJackson, Melinda L ; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Clarke, Catherine; Gullo, Melissa; Swann, Philip; Downey, Luke A; Hayley, Amie C ; Pierce, Robert J; Howard, Mark E 
1910-Nov-2014Excessive daytime sleepiness and body composition: a population-based study of adults.Hayley, Amie C ; Williams, Lana J; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Berk, Michael; Brennan, Sharon L; Pasco, Julie A
2028-Sep-2014Excessive daytime sleepiness and metabolic syndrome: a cross-sectional study.Hayley, Amie C ; Williams, Lana J; Kennedy, Gerard A ; Berk, Michael; Brennan, Sharon L; Pasco, Julie A