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Linda Rautela
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Rautela, Linda
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2021Typical within and between person variability in non-invasive ventilator derived variables among clinically stable, long-term users.Jeganathan, Vishnu ; Rautela, Linda ; Conti, Simon; Saravanan, Krisha; Rigoni, Alyssa; Graco, Marnie ; Hannan, Liam M ; Howard, Mark E ; Berlowitz, David J 
2Aug-2019Pneumothorax in neuromuscular disease associated with lung volume recruitment and mechanical insufflation-exsufflation.McDonald, Luke A ; Berlowitz, David J ; Howard, Mark E ; Rautela, Linda ; Chao, Caroline ; Sheers, Nicole 
3May-2019Randomised controlled trial of polysomnographic titration of non-invasive ventilation.Hannan, Liam M ; Rautela, Linda ; Berlowitz, David J ; McDonald, Christine F ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Sheers, Nicole ; Chao, Caroline ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Howard, Mark E 
4Apr-2019Autocycling During Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Producing a Prolonged Severe Apnea and Syncope.Mu, Susana; Rautela, Linda ; Howard, Mark E ; Hannan, Liam M 
5May-2017A randomised controlled trial of CPAP versus non-invasive ventilation for initial treatment of obesity hypoventilation syndromeHoward, Mark E ; Piper, Amanda J; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Holland, Anne E ; Yee, Brendon J; Dabscheck, Eli; Mortimer, Duncan; Burge, Angela T ; Flunt, Daniel; Buchan, Catherine; Rautela, Linda ; Sheers, Nicole ; Hillman, David; Berlowitz, David J 
6Nov-2015Field walking tests are reliable and responsive to exercise training in people with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasisLee, Annemarie L; Cecins, Nola; Holland, Anne E ; Hill, Catherine J ; McDonald, Christine F ; Burge, Angela T ; Rautela, Linda ; Thompson, Philip J; Stirling, Robert G; Jenkins, Sue
7Oct-2015Altering ventilator inspiratory time can reduce autocycling during sleepHannan, Liam M ; Rautela, Linda ; Wilson, Danielle L ; Berlowitz, David J ; Howard, Mark E 
815-Jul-2014Minimal important difference in field walking tests in non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis following exercise training.Lee, A L; Hill, C J; Cecins, N; Jenkins, S; McDonald, Christine F ; Burge, Angela T ; Rautela, L ; Stirling, R G; Thompson, P J; Holland, A E
91-Jul-2014Successful pregnancy in ventilatory failure due to campomelic dysplasia with severe kyphoscoliosis.Khor, Y H; Walker, S ; Rautela, L ; Chao, C ; Robinson, A; Howard, Mark E 
1020-Feb-2014Improved survival with an ambulatory model of non-invasive ventilation implementation in motor neuron disease.Sheers, Nicole ; Berlowitz, David J ; Rautela, Linda ; Batchelder, Ian; Hopkinson, Kim; Howard, Mark E 
111-Jan-2013Inpatient and long-term outcomes of individuals admitted for weaning from mechanical ventilation at a specialized ventilation weaning unit.Hannan, Liam M ; Tan, Siew; Hopkinson, Kim; Marchingo, Emma; Rautela, Linda ; Detering, Karen M ; Berlowitz, David J ; McDonald, Christine F ; Howard, Mark E