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Steven T Walker
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Walker, Steven T
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2020Nurse-initiated pre-prescribed antibiotic orders to facilitate prompt and appropriate antibiotic administration in febrile neutropenia.Walker, Steven T ; Grigg, Samuel E ; Kirkpatrick, Carl; Urbancic, Karen F ; Cohen, Emma ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Trubiano, Jason A 
213-Aug-2019Outcomes of an electronic medical record (EMR)-driven intensive care unit (ICU)-antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) ward round: Assessing the "Five Moments of Antimicrobial Prescribing".Devchand, Misha ; Stewardson, Andrew J; Urbancic, Karen F ; Khumra, Sharmila ; Mahony, Andrew A ; Walker, Steven T ; Garrett, Kent ; Grayson, M Lindsay ; Trubiano, Jason A 
328-Feb-2019Increased expression and phosphorylation of 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase isoforms in urinary exosomes in pre-eclampsia.Ellis, R; Katerelos, Marina ; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Cook, Natasha ; Lee, M ; Paizis, Kathy ; Pell, G; Walker, S ; Power, David A ; Mount, Peter F 
42019Counting the cost of critical antibiotic shortages.Khumra, Sharmila ; Mahony, Andrew A ; Devchand, Misha ; Walker, Steven T ; Garrett, Kent ; Grayson, M Lindsay ; Trubiano, Jason A 
52018Implication of Major Adverse Postoperative Events and Myocardial Injury on Disability and Survival: A Planned Subanalysis of the ENIGMA-II Trial.Beattie, W Scott; Wijeysundera, Duminda N; Chan, Matthew T V; Peyton, Philip J ; Leslie, Kate; Paech, Michael J; Sessler, Daniel I; Wallace, Sophie; Myles, Paul S; Galagher, W; Farrington, C; Ditoro, A; Baulch, S; Sidiropoulos, Sofia ; Bulach, R; Bryant, D; O'Loughlin, E; Mitteregger, V; Bolsin, S; Osborne, C ; McRae, R; Backstrom, M; Cotter, R; March, S; Silbert, B; Said, S; Halliwell, R; Cope, J; Fahlbusch, D; Crump, D; Thompson, G; Jefferies, A; Reeves, M; Buckley, N; Tidy, T; Schricker, T; Lattermann, R; Iannuzzi, D; Carroll, J; Jacka, M; Bryden, C; Badner, N; Tsang, M W Y; Cheng, B C P; Fong, A C M; Chu, L C Y; Koo, E G Y; Mohd, N; Ming, L E; Campbell, D; McAllister, D; Walker, S ; Olliff, S; Kennedy, R; Eldawlatly, A; Alzahrani, T; Chua, N; Sneyd, R; McMillan, H; Parkinson, I; Brennan, A; Balaji, P; Nightingale, J; Kunst, G; Dickinson, M; Subramaniam, B; Banner-Godspeed, V; Liu, J; Kurz, A; Hesler, B; Fu, A Y; Egan, C; Fiffick, A N; Hutcherson, M T; Turan, A; Naylor, A; Obal, D; Cooke, E
61-Jul-2014Successful pregnancy in ventilatory failure due to campomelic dysplasia with severe kyphoscoliosis.Khor, Y H; Walker, S ; Rautela, L ; Chao, C ; Robinson, A; Howard, Mark E