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Samuel E Grigg
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Grigg, Samuel E
Grigg, Sam
Grigg, Sam E
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2020COVID-MATCH65-A prospectively derived clinical decision rule for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.Trubiano, Jason A ; Vogrin, Sara; Smibert, Olivia C ; Marhoon, Nada ; Alexander, Adrian A; Chua, Kyra Y L ; James, Fiona L; Jones, Nicholas R L; Grigg, Samuel E ; Xu, Cecilia L H ; Moini, Nasreen; Stanley, Sam R; Birrell, Michael T ; Rose, Morgan T ; Gordon, Claire L ; Kwong, Jason C ; Holmes, Natasha E 
219-Nov-2020Are surgical masks manufactured from sterilisation wrap safe?Grigg, Samuel E ; Zampiron, Andrea; Akbaridoust, Farzan; Chandran, Dileep; Holmes, Natasha E ; Johnson, Paul D R ; Marusic, Ivan; Jones, Daryl A 
3Sep-2020Nurse-initiated pre-prescribed antibiotic orders to facilitate prompt and appropriate antibiotic administration in febrile neutropenia.Walker, Steven T ; Grigg, Samuel E ; Kirkpatrick, Carl; Urbancic, Karen F ; Cohen, Emma ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Trubiano, Jason A 
49-Sep-2019Angiotensin- neprilysin inhibitors: should we initiate them in hospital for patients with acute decompensated heart failure?Grigg, Samuel E 
5Jul-2019Letter: mechanistic target of rapamycin inhibitors-do they impact on recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation? Authors' reply.Grigg, Samuel E ; Sarri, Gino L; Gow, Paul J ; Yeomans, Neville D 
6May-2019Systematic review with meta-analysis: sirolimus- or everolimus-based immunosuppression following liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinomaGrigg, Samuel E ; Sarri, Gino L; Gow, Paul J ; Yeomans, Neville D 
7Mar-2019Helicobacter pylori and low-dose aspirin ulcer risk: A meta-analysis.Sarri, Gino L; Grigg, Samuel E ; Yeomans, Neville D 
8Dec-2018Letter: the effect of sirolimus on recurrence and survival in liver transplant recipients with hepatocellular carcinoma.Grigg, Samuel E ; Gow, Paul J ; Yeomans, Neville D 
920-Nov-2018Sirolimus in Liver Transplant Recipients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma.Grigg, Samuel E ; Gow, Paul J ; Yeomans, Neville D 
1027-Sep-2018Urine cultures at the onset of febrile neutropenia rarely impact antibiotic management in asymptomatic adult cancer patients.Grigg, Samuel E ; Date, Patrick; Loh, Zoe ; Estacio, Ortis; Johnson, Douglas F; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Grigg, Andrew P