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Zoe Loh
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Loh, Zoe
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
114-Apr-2021Evolution of eligibility criteria for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma randomised controlled trials over 30¬†years.Loh, Zoe ; Salvaris, Ross; Chong, Geoffrey ; Churilov, Leonid ; Manos, Kate ; Barraclough, Allison ; Hawkes, Eliza A 
2Feb-2021Use of Ultrasonography Facilitates Noninvasive Evaluation of Lymphadenopathy in a Lymph Node Diagnostic Clinic.Loh, Zoe ; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Chionh, Fiona; Azad, Arun; Chong, Geoffrey 
3Dec-2020Real-world impact of anti-HER2 therapy-related cardiotoxicity in patients with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer.Conduit, C; de Boer, R H; Lok, S; Gibbs, P; Malik, L; Loh, Zoe ; Yeo, Belinda ; Greenberg, S; Devitt, B; Lombard, J; Nottage, M; Collins, I; Torres, J; Nolan, M; Nott, L
4Jul-2020Mesenteric metastases from mature teratoma of the testis: A case report.Loh, Zoe ; Manning, Todd G ; O'Brien, Jonathan S; Perera, Marlon ; Lawrentschuk, Nathan
525-Jun-2020Routine Blood Tests in Asymptomatic Patients With Indolent Lymphoma Have Limited Ability to Detect Clinically Significant Disease Progression.Piercey, Oliver A; Loh, Zoe ; Chan, Joanna; Chong, Geoffrey ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Cheema, Steven ; Gill, Gurjot; Whybird, Matthew; Cushion, Tania; Hawkes, Eliza A 
6Dec-2019RET-rearranged non-small-cell lung cancer and therapeutic implications.Loh, Zoe ; Mitchell, Paul L R ; John, Thomas ; Arulananda, Surein
7Oct-2019Comprehensive geriatric assessment is useful in an elderly Australian population with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma receiving rituximab-chemotherapy combinations.Ong, Doen Ming; Ashby, Michael; Grigg, Andrew P ; Gard, Grace; Ng, Zi Y; Huang, Huayi Ellen; Chong, Yee Shuen; Cheah, Chan Yoon; Devitt, Bianca; Chong, Geoffrey ; Loh, Zoe ; Mo, Allison ; Hawkes, Eliza A 
8May-2019Standard dose osimertinib for erlotinib refractory T790M-negative EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer with leptomeningeal disease.Arulananda, Surein; Do, Hongdo; Rivalland, Gareth; Loh, Zoe ; Musafer, Ashan; Lau, Eddie ; Mitchell, Paul; Dobrovic, Alexander ; John, Thomas 
92019Effect of Reasons for Screen Failure on Subsequent Treatment Outcomes in Cancer Patients Assessed for Clinical Trials.Tiu, Crescens; Loh, Zoe ; Gan, Chun Loo; Gan, Hui K ; John, Thomas ; Hawkes, Eliza A 
102019Ectopic breast cancer in the inguinal region.Loh, Zoe ; Yeo, Belinda ; Williams, David S ; Gyorki, David E
112019The Impact of Universal Immunohistochemistry on Lynch Syndrome Diagnosis in an Australian Colorectal Cancer Cohort.Loh, Zoe ; Williams, David S ; Salmon, Lucinda ; Dow, Eryn; John, Thomas 
1227-Sep-2018Urine cultures at the onset of febrile neutropenia rarely impact antibiotic management in asymptomatic adult cancer patients.Grigg, Samuel E ; Date, Patrick; Loh, Zoe ; Estacio, Ortis; Johnson, Douglas F; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Grigg, Andrew P 
13Sep-2018Echocardiography has low utility in cancer patients with Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia: findings from a retrospective study.Loh, Zoe ; Estacio, Ortis; Grigg, Andrew P ; Holmes, Natasha E ; Chong, Geoff; Hawkes, Eliza A 
14May-2018Limited utility of routine chest X-ray in initial evaluation of neutropenic fever in patients with haematological diseases undergoing chemotherapy.Estacio, Ortis; Loh, Zoe ; Baker, Amy ; Chong, Geoffrey ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Churilov, Leonid ; Hawkes, Eliza A 
152018Routine blood investigations have limited utility in surveillance of aggressive lymphoma in asymptomatic patients in complete remission.Hawkes, Eliza A ; Loh, Zoe ; Estacio, Ortis; Chong, Geoffrey ; Ha, Francis J; Gilbertson, Michael; Grigg, Andrew P