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Kate Manos
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Manos, Kate
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
114-Apr-2021Evolution of eligibility criteria for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma randomised controlled trials over 30¬†years.Loh, Zoe ; Salvaris, Ross; Chong, Geoffrey ; Churilov, Leonid ; Manos, Kate ; Barraclough, Allison ; Hawkes, Eliza A 
22-Mar-2021Myeloid somatic mutation panel testing in myeloproliferative neoplasms.Ross, David M; Thomson, Candice; Hamad, Nada; Lane, Steven W; Manos, Kate ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Guo, Belinda; Erber, Wendy N; Scott, Ashleigh; Viiala, Nick; Chee, Lynette; Latimer, Maya; Tate, Courtney; Grove, Carolyn; Perkins, Andrew C; Blombery, Piers
316-Jul-2020Ibrutinib for central nervous system lymphoma: the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance/MD Anderson Cancer Center experience.Lewis, Katharine L; Chin, Collin K; Manos, Kate ; Casey, John; Hamad, Nada; Crawford, Julie; Ho, Shir-Jing; Issa, Samar; Grigg, Andrew P ; Wood, Peter; Gandhi, Maher K; Do, Bryan; Nastoupil, Loretta; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Cheah, Chan Y