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Leonid Churilov
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Churilov, Leonid
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2021Comparison of two questionnaires for assessment of emotional eating in people undergoing treatment for obesity.Stammers, Lauren; Wong, Lisa; Churilov, Leonid ; Price, Sarah A ; Ekinci, Elif I ; Sumithran, Priya 
2Jan-2021Utility of Severity-Based Prehospital Triage for Endovascular Thrombectomy: ACT-FAST Validation Study.Zhao, Henry; Smith, Karen; Bernard, Stephen; Stephenson, Michael; Ma, Henry; Chandra, Ronil V; Phan, Thanh; Bladin, Christopher F; Churilov, Leonid ; Crompton, Douglas; Dewey, Helen M; Wijeratne, Tissa; Cloud, Geoffrey; Thijs, Vincent N ; Kleinig, Timothy J; Ng, Jo Lyn; Williams, Cameron; Alemseged, Fana; Ng, Felix C ; Mitchell, Peter J; Parsons, Mark W; Yassi, Nawaf; Davis, Stephen M; Campbell, Bruce C V
3Jan-2021Role of Computed Tomography Perfusion in Identification of Acute Lacunar Stroke Syndromes.Garcia-Esperon, Carlos; Visser, Milanka; Churilov, Leonid ; Miteff, Ferdinand; Bivard, Andrew; Lillicrap, Thomas; Levi, Christopher R; Spratt, Neil J; Parsons, Mark W
411-Dec-2020A 2-Year Longitudinal Study of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Risk in Survivors of Stroke.Fini, Natalie A; Bernhardt, Julie; Churilov, Leonid ; Clark, Rebecca; Holland, Anne E 
5Dec-2020Cost-Effectiveness of Tenecteplase Before Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke.Gao, Lan; Moodie, Marj; Mitchell, Peter J; Churilov, Leonid ; Kleinig, Timothy J; Yassi, Nawaf; Yan, Bernard; Parsons, Mark W; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Davis, Stephen M; Campbell, Bruce C V
629-Nov-2020Sarcopenia is associated with reduced function on admission to rehabilitation in patients with diabetes.Churilov, Irina; Churilov, Leonid ; Brock, Kim; Murphy, David; MacIsaac, Richard J; Ekinci, Elif I 
714-Nov-2020Intravenous alteplase for stroke with unknown time of onset guided by advanced imaging: systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data.Thomalla, Götz; Boutitie, Florent; Ma, Henry; Koga, Masatoshi; Ringleb, Peter; Schwamm, Lee H; Wu, Ona; Bendszus, Martin; Bladin, Christopher F; Campbell, Bruce C V; Cheng, Bastian; Churilov, Leonid ; Ebinger, Martin; Endres, Matthias; Fiebach, Jochen B; Fukuda-Doi, Mayumi; Inoue, Manabu; Kleinig, Timothy J; Latour, Lawrence L; Lemmens, Robin; Levi, Christopher R; Leys, Didier; Miwa, Kaori; Molina, Carlos A; Muir, Keith W; Nighoghossian, Norbert; Parsons, Mark W; Pedraza, Salvador; Schellinger, Peter D; Schwab, Stefan; Simonsen, Claus Z; Song, Shlee S; Thijs, Vincent N ; Toni, Danilo; Hsu, Chung Y; Wahlgren, Nils; Yamamoto, Haruko; Yassi, Nawaf; Yoshimura, Sohei; Warach, Steven; Hacke, Werner; Toyoda, Kazunori; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Davis, Stephen M; Gerloff, Christian
85-Nov-2020Anaesthetists' attitudes towards attending the funerals of their patients: A cross-sectional study among Australian and New Zealand anaesthetists.Kim, Kwangtaek; Churilov, Leonid ; Tan, Chong Oon; Phan, Tuong; Geertsema, Jake; Krieser, Roni; Mehra, Rishi; Stewart, Paul Anthony; Rachbuch, Clive; Huang, Andrew ; Weinberg, Laurence 
93-Nov-2020Fatal and non-fatal events within 14 days after early, intensive mobilization post stroke.Bernhardt, Julie; Borschmann, Karen ; Collier, Janice M; Thrift, Amanda G; Langhorne, Peter; Middleton, Sandy; Lindley, Richard I; Dewey, Helen M; Bath, Philip; Said, Catherine M ; Churilov, Leonid ; Ellery, Fiona; Bladin, Christopher; Reid, Christopher M; Frayne, Judith H; Srikanth, Velandai; Read, Stephen J; Donnan, Geoffrey A 
102-Nov-2020Association of Reperfusion After Thrombolysis With Clinical Outcome Across the 4.5- to 9-Hours and Wake-Up Stroke Time Window: A Meta-Analysis of the EXTEND and EPITHET Randomized Clinical Trials.Campbell, Bruce C V; Ma, Henry; Parsons, Mark W; Churilov, Leonid ; Yassi, Nawaf; Kleinig, Timothy J; Hsu, Chung Y; Dewey, Helen M; Butcher, Kenneth S; Yan, Bernard; Desmond, Patricia M; Wijeratne, Tissa; Curtze, Sami; Barber, P Alan; De Silva, Deidre A; Thijs, Vincent N ; Levi, Christopher R; Bladin, Christopher F; Sharma, Gagan; Bivard, Andrew; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Davis, Stephen M
11Nov-2020Mental Health Care for Rural and Remote Australians During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic.Gardiner, Fergus W; Bishop, Lara; Churilov, Leonid ; Collins, Noel; O'Donnell, John; Coleman, Mathew
1228-Oct-2020Tranexamic acid in patients with intracerebral haemorrhage (STOP-AUST): a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial.Meretoja, Atte; Yassi, Nawaf; Wu, Teddy Y; Churilov, Leonid ; Sibolt, Gerli; Jeng, Jiann-Shing; Kleinig, Timothy; Spratt, Neil J; Thijs, Vincent N ; Wijeratne, Tissa; Cho, Der-Yang; Shah, Darshan; Cloud, Geoffrey C; Phan, Thanh; Bladin, Christopher; Moey, Andrew; Aviv, Richard I; Barras, Christen D; Sharma, Gagan; Hsu, Chung Y; Ma, Henry; Campbell, Bruce C V; Mitchell, Peter; Yan, Bernard; Parsons, Mark W; Tiainen, Marjaana; Curtze, Sami; Strbian, Daniel; Tang, Sung-Chun; Harvey, Jackson; Levi, Christopher; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Davis, Stephen M
1322-Oct-2020Performance of four creatinine-based equations in assessing glomerular filtration rate in adults with diabetes.Zafari, Neda; Lotfaliany, Mojtaba; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Kishore, Kartik; Torkamani, Niloufar ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Churilov, Leonid ; Ekinci, Elif I 
1411-Oct-2020Aeromedical retrieval diagnostic trends during a period of Coronavirus 2019 lockdown.Gardiner, Fergus W; Gillam, Marianne; Churilov, Leonid ; Sharma, Pritish; Steere, Mardi; Hannan, Michelle; Hooper, Andrew; Quinlan, Frank
159-Oct-2020Determining Maximal Tolerable Aerobic Training Intensity in the Acute Phase after Stroke: a Novel Dose Ranging Trial Protocol.Kramer, Sharon F ; Cumming, Toby B ; Johnson, Liam G ; Churilov, Leonid ; Bernhardt, Julie
164-Oct-2020A prospective analysis of stroke recognition, stroke risk factors, thrombolysis rates and outcomes in Indigenous Australians from a large rural referral hospital.Dos Santos, Angela; Mohr, Katherine; Jude, Martin; Simon, Neil G; Parsons, Mark; Eades, Sandra; Burchill, Luke; Davis, Stephen; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Churilov, Leonid ; Delcourt, Candice
17Oct-2020Arrhythmia insensitive rapid cardiac T1 mapping: comparison to modified look locker inversion recovery T1 mapping in mitral valve prolapse patients.Cheung, Ernest ; Han, Hui-Chen ; Hornsey, Emma ; Churilov, Leonid ; Hong, Kyung Pyo; Smith, Julie ; Kim, Daniel; Farouque, Omar ; Teh, Andrew W ; Lim, Han S ; Lim, Ruth P 
1825-Sep-2020Sleep-wake parameters can be detected in chronic stroke patients using a multi-sensor accelerometer: a validation study.Gottlieb, Elie; Churilov, Leonid ; Werden, Emilio ; Churchward, Thomas J ; Pase, Matthew P; Egorova, Natalia; Howard, Mark E ; Brodtmann, Amy 
1923-Sep-2020Prevalence and clinical associations of tau in Lewy body dementias: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Chin, Kai Sin; Yassi, Nawaf; Churilov, Leonid ; Masters, Colin Louis; Watson, Rosie
20Sep-2020Royal Flying Doctor Service Coronavirus Disease 2019 Activity and Surge Modeling in Australia.Gardiner, Fergus W; Johns, Hannah; Bishop, Lara; Churilov, Leonid