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Credit Name
Michele Gaca
Full Name
Gaca, Michele
Vernacular Name
Gaca, M
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2020Austin Health excels at research output - but how do we know?Gaca, Michele ; Newnham, Rachel ; Baxter, Helen ; McKenzie, Amy 
2May-2020Supporting the frontlineGaca, Michele 
33-Apr-2020Hospital Librarians’ Contributions to Health Services’ Accreditation: An Account of the Health Libraries for the National Safety and Quality in Health Services Standards (HeLiNS) Research Project, 2016-18Ritchie, Ann; Gilbert, Cecily; Gaca, Michele ; Siemensma, Gemma; Taylor, Jeremy
42020The contribution of Australian Hospital Libraries to improving consumer health literacy: four case studiesRitchie, Ann; Siemensma, Gemma; Gilbert, Cecily; Gaca, Michele ; Taylor, Jeremy
530-May-2019Ask an Informationist - engaging with the evidenceBaxter, Helen ; Gaca, Michele 
6Oct-2018Australian Health Libraries' contributions to hospital accreditation: results of a national research projectRitchie, Ann; Gaca, Michele ; Siemensma, Gemma; Taylor, Jeremy; Gilbert, Cecily