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Title: Ask an Informationist - engaging with the evidence
Authors: Gaca, Michele;Baxter, Helen
Affiliation: Austin Health Sciences Library, Austin Health, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: 30-May-2019
Abstract: Issue The Choosing Wisely framework encourages clinicians and patients to ask questions and examine the evidence around the necessity of tests or treatment options. For clinicians today, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. Does emerging evidence question existing practices; or has a previous finding been overturned through new research? These key questions inform evidence-based practice decisions, enabling delivery of the most appropriate level of care. Objectives Ask an Informationist is an initiative that translates clinical questions into practice. As a member of the Austin Health Choosing Wisely Steering Committee, the Austin Health Sciences Library brings expertise in evidencebased literature searching. A clinical question, directly related to the evidence for tests, treatments or procedures, is submitted to the Steering Committee. The Library team create an infographic as a visual summary of the available evidence, supported by a written report. When coupled with audit data or local policies and procedures, this provides an evidence-rich foundation for clinicians to initiate change and “Choose Wisely” in their delivery of patient care. Outcomes and impact To date, six infographics and reports have been produced: intravenous magnesium in atrial fibrillation; continuous intravenous PPIs for acute non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleed; minimum retesting intervals in microbiology tests; the necessity of opioids for pain management following limb fracture; the management of renal colic; and the use of pregabalin in acute neuropathic pain. The impact of Ask an Informationist is seen throughout Austin Health. The initiative has: driven change in emergency department practice for intravenous magnesium use; led to delivery of clinical education around PPIs through workshops and media activities; been a catalyst for broader discussion around opioid use throughout the hospital. Through this collaboration we are engaging the evidence, encouraging critical thinking and shaping the future of our patient care.
Description: Digital poster available
Conference Name: 2019 Choosing Wisely Australia National Meeting
Conference Location: Melbourne
ORCID: 0000-0001-6579-8584
Type: Conference Presentation
Subjects: Choosing Wisely
Information management
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