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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2023Current issues and status of mis-​ disinformation in the health library context: ​ A scoping review​Dehghani, Mozhdeh ; Harris, Elizabeth ; Nichols-Boyd, Mina 
30-Oct-2022Scientometric analysis: Insights into Austin Health researchers scientific productivity and influenceDehghani, Mozhdeh ; Harris, Elizabeth ; Nemati-Anaraki, Leila
Jul-2018Correlation of amyloid pet expressed in centiloid units with neuropathological findings in alzheimer’s diseaseRowe, Christopher C ; Amadoru, Sanka ; Doré, Vincent ; McLean, Catriona; Hinton, Fairlie; Shepherd, Claire; Halliday, Glenda M; Leyton, Cristian E; Hodges, John R; Masters, Colin L; Villemagne, Victor L 
Jul-2018Visual assessment of β-amyloid pet scan is improved by capaiblDoré, Vincent ; Bourgeat, Pierrick; Cummins, Tia L; Raniga, Parnesh; Williams, Scott; Amadoru, Sanka ; MacLean, Catriona; Hinton, Fairlie; Shepherd, Claire; Halliday, Glenda M; Leyton, Cristian E; Hodges, John R; Ames, David; Martins, Ralph N; Masters, Colin L; Fripp, Jurgen; Salvado, Olivier; Villemagne, Victor L ; Rowe, Christopher C 
Oct-2020Austin Health excels at research output - but how do we know?Gaca, Michele ; Newnham, Rachel ; Baxter, Helen ; McKenzie, Amy 
2018Australian health libraries’ contributions to hospital accreditation: final results of the Health Libraries for National Standards (HeLiNS) 2016-18 research project.Ritchie, Ann; Gaca, Michele ; Siemensma, Gemma; Taylor, Jeremy; Gilbert, Cecily
15-Mar-2020Activation of canonical BMP4-SMAD7 signaling suppresses breast cancer metastasis.Eckhardt, Bedrich L; Cao, Yuan; Redfern, Andrew D; Chi, Lap Hing; Burrows, Allan D; Roslan, Suraya; Sloan, Erica K; Parker, Belinda S; Loi, Sherene; Ueno, Naoto T; Lau, Peter K H; Latham, Bruce; Anderson, Robin L 
11-Sep-2019Exploration of factors which influence treatment decisions of patients with Multiple SclerosisBardsley, Belinda ; Haynes, John; Cinc, Edith; Heriot, Elise ; Lazarus, K-J; McMurtrie, Melanie; Macdonell, Richard A L 
30-May-2019Ask an Informationist - engaging with the evidenceBaxter, Helen ; Gaca, Michele 
Nov-2013no titleRiddiough, Georgina E ; Fink, Michael A ; Starkey, Graham M ; Wang, Bao-Zhong; Testro, Adam G ; Vaughan, Rhys B 
15-Mar-2015no titleLau, Lawrence F ; Jones, Robert M ; Riddiough, Georgina E ; Starkey, Graham M ; Fink, Michael A ; Wang, Bao-Zhong; Christophi, Christopher ; Lokan, Julie ; asadi, Khashyar; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
23-Apr-2016no titlePerini, Marcos V ; Starkey, Graham M ; Riddiough, Georgina E ; Goh, Su Kah ; Jones, Robert M ; Christophi, Christopher 
Jul-2018no titleFink, Michael A ; Riddiough, Georgina E ; Starkey, Graham M ; Perini, Marcos V ; Wang, Bao-Zhong; Christophi, Christopher ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Jones, Robert M 
30-Nov-2013no titleRiddiough, Georgina E ; Jones, Robert M ; Vaughan, Rhys B ; Testro, Adam G ; Gow, Paul J ; Wang, B.Z.; Starkey, Graham M ; Fink, Michael A 
Feb-2018A Narrative Review of 3D Printing in Cardiac SurgeryWang, Judy; Coles-Black, Jasamine ; Chuen, Jason ; Matalanis, George 
2018228th ENMC International Workshop:: Airway clearance techniques in neuromuscular disorders Naarden, The Netherlands, 3-5 March, 2017.Toussaint, Michel; Chatwin, Michelle; Gonzales, Jesus; Berlowitz, David J 
Dec-2015Rituximab for subcutaneous delivery: Clinical management principles from a nursing perspectiveCarlson, Julia; Cox, Keith; Bedwell, Kylie; Ku, Mathew
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17