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Title: Current issues and status of mis-​ disinformation in the health library context: ​ A scoping review​
Austin Authors: Dehghani, Mozhdeh ;Harris, Elizabeth ;Nichols-Boyd, Mina 
Affiliation: Austin Health Sciences Library
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2023
Description: COVID-19 has caused not only a pandemic and global health crisis but also widespread misinformation across social media and in published literature (Epstein, 2022). Healthcare providers have an important role in presenting patients and the public with relevant knowledge and quashing misinformation (Epstein, 2022). Healthcare workers are themselves also vulnerable to misinformation. Health librarians have a responsibility to dispel this misinformation via providing accurate resources and health information literacy. During the pandemic, lack of relevant and credible information, misinformation, disinformation, or even information overload all adds to the great challenge for libraries, like other organisations, to combat the crisis. Normal operation and services in many libraries have been greatly disrupted, with libraries reportedly responding to challenges by pivoting to new ways to meet their users’ needs (Yu & Mani, 2020). Although there is a wealth of research around public and academic libraries in dealing with mis/disinformation (Auberry, 2018; De Paor & Heravi, 2020; Makhoul, Kabakian-Khasholian, & Chaiban, 2021; Revez & Corujo, 2021; Young et al., 2021), there is scant information around issues and status of mis/disinformation in the health library context (Akers et al., 2022; Kumar et al., 2022; Sharma, Kumar, & Rohilla, 2022). There is a lack of information related to what the current issues and status of the mis/disinformation in health library context and what health libraries are doing, or can do, to address mis/disinformation affecting their communities. To address this gap, we aim to run a project to explore and define mis/disinformation and map out an agenda that practitioners can use to make libraries more effective sites for addressing mis/disinformation. This agenda will be grounded in analysis of a scoping review, interviews, and workshop discussions with health library staff from Victoria. The first stage of the planned project is a scoping review to determine what the current issues are in regard to mis/disinformation in health libraries. We wish to present the findings of the scoping review at the conference and seek feedback from the audience to help inform the subsequent stages of our proposed project. The scoping review will answer the question: What are the current issues and status of mis/disinformation in the health library context? Objectives: Librarians’ professional experiences with misinformation Service provision in this space (e.g., programs specifically tailored to mis/disinformation) Engaging and effective approach to teach their patrons about misinformation Population (P) – health librarians/libraries Concept (C) - mis/disinformation Context (C) – infodemic, publishing, social media/internet, news feeds, socio-political context/setting
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