Elizabeth Harris

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Elizabeth Harris
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Harris, Elizabeth
Liz Harris is the Chief Librarian at Austin Health Sciences Library and has also worked in research support at La Trobe University Library. She has a PhD in Psychophysiology and worked in academic health research for over a decade.  She completed her Master of Information Management in 2019, which sparked an interest in misinformation and its potential for harm in health. 
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
121-Dec-2023Current issues and status of mis/disinformation in the health library context: a rapid literature reviewDehghani, Mozhdeh ; Harris, Elizabeth 
216-Jun-2023Current issues and status of mis-​ disinformation in the health library context: ​ A scoping review​Dehghani, Mozhdeh ; Harris, Elizabeth ; Nichols-Boyd, Mina 
330-Oct-2022Scientometric analysis: Insights into Austin Health researchers scientific productivity and influenceDehghani, Mozhdeh ; Harris, Elizabeth ; Nemati-Anaraki, Leila