Julie Lokan

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Julie Lokan
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Lokan, Julie
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
124-Nov-2023Survival outcomes of intracranial extraventricular neurocytomas: a systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis.Kweh, Barry Ting Sheen; Asaid, Mina; Khoo, Boyuan; Donaldson, Christopher; Lokan, Julie ; Gan, Hui K ; Gonzalvo, Augusto Carlos
21-Jun-2023Contribution of Somatic Ras/Raf/Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Variants in the Hippocampus in Drug-Resistant Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.Khoshkhoo, Sattar; Wang, Yilan; Chahine, Yasmine; Erson-Omay, E Zeynep; Robert, Stephanie M; Kiziltug, Emre; Damisah, Eyiyemisi C; Nelson-Williams, Carol; Zhu, Guangya; Kong, Wenna; Huang, August Yue; Stronge, Edward; Phillips, H Westley; Chhouk, Brian H; Bizzotto, Sara; Chen, Ming Hui; Adikari, Thiuni N; Ye, Zimeng; Witkowski, Tom ; Lai, Dulcie; Lee, Nadine; Lokan, Julie ; Scheffer, Ingrid E ; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Haider, Shozeb; Hildebrand, Michael S ; Yang, Edward; Gunel, Murat; Lifton, Richard P; Richardson, R Mark; Bl├╝mcke, Ingmar; Alexandrescu, Sanda; Huttner, Anita; Heinzen, Erin L; Zhu, Jidong; Poduri, Annapurna; DeLanerolle, Nihal; Spencer, Dennis D; Lee, Eunjung Alice; Walsh, Christopher A; Kahle, Kristopher T
322-Dec-2022Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm.Yu, Catherine; Lokan, Julie ; Jackett, Louise A ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Mills, Christopher
429-Jul-2022A critical evaluation of the role of iron overload in fatty liver disease.Fernandez, Monique; Lokan, Julie ; Leung, Christopher ; Grigg, Andrew P 
5Jun-2022Low Levels of Hepatocyte-Specific Methylation in Cell-Free DNA Are a Strong Negative Predictor for Acute T Cell-Mediated Rejection Requiring Treatment Following Liver Transplantation.Cox, Daniel R A ; Low, Nicholas ; Goh, Su Kah ; Lee, Eunice ; Vago, Angela ; Jackett, Louise A ; Lokan, Julie ; Braat, Sabine; Jones, Robert M ; Testro, Adam G ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
610-May-2022The AR in bone marrow progenitor cells protects against short-term high caloric diet induced weight gain in male mice.Venkatesh, Varun S ; Russell, Patricia K; Fam White, Barbara; Clarke, Michele V; Golub, Suzanne; Mangiofico, Salvatore; Haralambous, Christian; Lokan, Julie ; Andrikopoulos, Sofianos; Zajac, Jeffrey D ; Davey, Rachel A
72022Transformation of ganglioglioma to epithelioid glioblastoma, both with BRAF V600E mutation.Lau, Stephanie; Clark, Jonathan CM ; Lokan, Julie 
8Apr-2021Hepatic adenoma masquerading as a hepatocellular carcinoma in a patient with a Fontan procedure on the oral contraceptive pill.Yao, Jessica V; Sood, Siddharth ; Lokan, Julie ; Murugasu, Anand; Grigg, Leeanne; Zentner, Dominica
9Oct-2019Fibrosing cholestatic hepatitis-like syndrome in an immunocompetent patient with an acute flare of chronic hepatitis B.Sutherland, Nigel ; Li Wai Suen, Christopher Foong Dhin; Mills, Christopher D; Lokan, Julie ; Sinclair, Marie 
10Jul-2019The Measurement of Donor-Specific Cell-Free DNA Identifies Recipients With Biopsy-Proven Acute Rejection Requiring Treatment After Liver Transplantation.Goh, Su Kah ; Do, Hongdo; Testro, Adam G ; Pavlovic, Julie ; Vago, Angela ; Lokan, Julie ; Jones, Robert M ; Christophi, Christopher ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
113-Apr-2019Successful liver transplantation in common variable immune deficiency with reversal of hepatopulmonary syndrome.Apostolov, Ross ; Sinclair, Marie ; Lokan, Julie ; Angus, Peter W 
1218-Jul-2018Primary bladder amyloidosis as a cause of haematuria.Nesbitt, Alexander Luke; Khan, Munad; Hoag, Nathan; Lokan, Julie 
1325-Sep-2017Efficacy of oral vancomycin in recurrent primary sclerosing cholangitis following liver transplantation.Hey, Penelope ; Lokan, Julie ; Johnson, Paul D R ; Gow, Paul
1424-Feb-2017Mycophenolate mofetil toxicity mimicking acute cellular rejection in a small intestinal transplant.Apostolov, Ross ; Asadi, Khashayar ; Lokan, Julie ; Kam, Ning; Testro, Adam G 
15Jan-2017Central nervous system immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome after ibrutinib therapy for Richter transformationChan, Kah-Lok; Prince, H Miles; Lew, Thomas Eliot; Tam, Constantine S; Lokan, Julie 
1618-Mar-2015An autosomal dominant form of non-cirrhotic portal hypertension.Majumdar, Avik; Delatycki, Martin B ; Crowley, Peter; Lokan, Julie ; Tharian, Benjamin; Angus, Peter W ; Gow, Paul J 
1715-Mar-2015no titleLau, Lawrence F ; Jones, Robert M ; Riddiough, Georgina E ; Starkey, Graham M ; Fink, Michael A ; Wang, Bao-Zhong; Christophi, Christopher ; Lokan, Julie ; asadi, Khashyar; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
1831-Jan-2015Somatostatinoma of the minor papilla treated by local excision in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1.Bhandari, Ramesh S; Riddiough, Georgina E ; Lokan, Julie ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Efthymiou, Marios ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad 
191-Aug-2014Education and Imaging. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic: systemic mastocytosis with portal hypertension.Wong, D; Boyapati, Ray; Lokan, Julie ; Angus, Peter W 
2030-Apr-2014Prostate Cancer - Double vision but solitary lesionLim, Hui Yin; Perchyonok, Yuliya ; Fitt, Gregory J ; Lokan, Julie ; Wada, Morikatsu ; Fabinyi, Gavin C ; Azad, A; Cher, Lawrence M ; Gan, Hui K