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Siddharth Sood
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Sood, Siddharth
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2021Hepatic adenoma masquerading as a hepatocellular carcinoma in a patient with a Fontan procedure on the oral contraceptive pill.Yao, Jessica V; Sood, Siddharth ; Lokan, Julie ; Murugasu, Anand; Grigg, Leeanne; Zentner, Dominica
217-Oct-2020Efficacy and safety profile of calcineurin inhibitor salvage therapy in autoimmune hepatitis.Roberts, Stuart K; Strasser, Simone I; Nicoll, Amanda J; Kemp, William; Majeed, Ammar; Mitchell, Joanne; Stuart, Katherine; Gow, Paul J ; Sood, Siddharth ; MacQuillan, Gerry; George, Jacob; Mitchell, Jonathan; McCaughan, Geoffrey W
39-Sep-2020SIRT Compared with DEB-TACE for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: a Real-world Study (the SITAR Study).Hirsch, Ryan D; Mills, Christopher D; Sawhney, Rohit; Sood, Siddharth ; Bird, Virginia; Mishra, Gauri; Dev, Anouk; Kemp, William; Lubel, John; Roberts, Stuart K; Gow, Paul J ; Nicoll, Amanda J
45-Sep-2020Efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir/voxilaprevir for HCV NS5A-inhibitor experienced patients with difficult to cure characteristics.Papaluca, Timothy ; Roberts, Stuart K; Strasser, Simone I; Stuart, Katherine A; Farrell, Geoffrey; MacQuillan, Gerry; Dore, Gregory J; Wade, Amanda J; George, Jacob; Hazeldine, Simon; O'Beirne, James; Wigg, Alan; Fisher, Leslie; McGarity, Bruce; Sawhney, Rohit; Sinclair, Marie ; Thomas, James; Valiozis, Ivan; Weltman, Martin; Wilson, Mark; Woodward, Aidan; Ahlenstiel, Golo; Haque, Mazhar; Levy, Miriam; Prewett, Emily; Sievert, William; Sood, Siddharth ; Tse, Edmund; Valaydon, Zina; Bowden, Scott; Douglas, Mark; New, Kate; O'Keefe, Jacinta; Hellard, Margaret; Doyle, Joseph; Stoove, Mark; Thompson, Alexander J
529-May-2020Prognostic role of alpha-fetoprotein in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with repeat transarterial chemoembolisation.Mishra, Gauri; Dev, Anouk; Paul, Eldho; Cheung, Wa; Koukounaras, Jim; Jhamb, Ashu; Marginson, Ben; Lim, Beng Ghee; Simkin, Paul; Borsaru, Adina; Burnes, James; Goodwin, Mark D ; Ramachandra, Vivek; Spanger, Manfred; Lubel, John; Gow, Paul J ; Sood, Siddharth ; Thompson, Alexander; Ryan, Marno; Nicoll, Amanda; Bell, Sally; Majeed, Ammar; Kemp, William; Roberts, Stuart K
6Apr-2020Increasing Prevalence of Primary Biliary Cholangitis in Victoria, Australia.French, Janine ; van der Mei, Ingrid; Simpson, Steve; Ng, Justin; Angus, Peter W ; Lubel, John; Nicoll, Amanda; Sood, Siddharth ; Roberts, Stuart K; Kemp, William; Arachchi, Niranjan; Dev, Anouk; Thompson, Alexander; Gow, Paul J 
7Apr-2020Survival of patients with ruptured and non-ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma.Tan, Natassia P; Majeed, Ammar; Roberts, Stuart K; Gow, Paul J ; Hey, Penny; Mah, Xianjun; Goodwin, Mark D ; Sood, Siddharth ; Lubel, John; Nicoll, Amanda; Dev, Anouk; Bell, Sally J; Kemp, William W
8Nov-2018Treatment choice for early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma in real-world practice: impact of treatment stage migration to transarterial chemoembolization and treatment response on survival.Roberts, Stuart K; Gazzola, Alessia; Lubel, John; Gow, Paul J ; Bell, Sally; Nicoll, Amanda; Dev, Anouk; Fink, Michael A ; Sood, Siddharth ; Knight, Virginia; Hong, Thai; Paul, Eldho; Mishra, Gauri; Majeed, Ammar; Kemp, William
9Sep-2018Liver Stiffness measurement in the primary care setting detects high rates of advanced fibrosis and predicts liver related events in hepatitis C.Bloom, Stephen; Kemp, William; Nicoll, Amanda; Roberts, Stuart K; Gow, Paul J ; Dev, Anouk; Bell, Sally; Sood, Siddharth ; Kronborg, Ian; Knight, Virginia; Lewis, Diana; Lubel, John
1029-May-2018Early viral-specific T-cell testing predicts late cytomegalovirus reactivation following liver transplantation.Sood, Siddharth ; Haifer, C; Yu, L; Pavlovic, J ; Gow, Paul J ; Jones, Robert M ; Visvanathan, Kumar; Angus, Peter W ; Testro, Adam G 
11Feb-2018Efficacy and Safety of Mycophenolate Mofetil in Patients With Autoimmune Hepatitis and Suboptimal Outcomes After Standard Therapy.Roberts, Stuart K; Lim, Ricky; Strasser, Simone; Nicoll, Amanda; Gazzola, Alessia; Mitchell, Joanne; Siow, Way; Khoo, Tiffany; Hamarneh, Zaki; Weltman, Martin; Gow, Paul J ; Janko, Natasha; Tse, Edmund; Mishra, Gauri; Cheng, En-Hsiang; Levy, Miriam; Cheng, Wendy; Sood, Siddharth ; Skoien, Richard; Mitchell, Jonathan; Zekry, Amany; George, Jacob; MacQuillan, Gerry; Wigg, Alan; Stuart, Katherine; Sievert, William; McCaughan, Geoffrey
12Nov-2017Impact of viral hepatitis aetiology on survival outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma: A large multicentre cohort study.Mgaieth, S; Kemp, W; Gow, Paul J ; Fink, Michael A ; Lubel, J; Nicoll, A; Gazzola, A; Hong, T; Ryan, M; Knight, V; Dev, A T; Sood, S ; Bell, S; Paul, E; Roberts, S K
13Apr-2017A novel immune function biomarker identifies patients at risk of clinical events early following liver transplantationSood, Siddharth ; Haifer, Craig; Yu, Lijia; Pavlovic, Julie ; Churilov, Leonid ; Gow, Paul J ; Jones, Robert M ; Angus, Peter W ; Visvanathan, Kumar; Testro, Adam G 
14Dec-2015Targeted individual prophylaxis offers superior risk stratification for cytomegalovirus reactivation after liver transplantationSood, Siddharth ; Haifer, Craig; Yu, Lijia; Pavlovic, Julie ; Gow, Paul J ; Jones, Robert M ; Visvanathan, Kumar; Angus, Peter W ; Testro, Adam G 
1527-Apr-2014A novel biomarker of immune function and initial experience in a transplant population.Sood, Siddharth ; Cundall, Diana; Yu, Lijia; Miyamasu, Misato; Boyle, Jefferey S; Ong, Sim Y; Gow, Paul J ; Jones, Robert M ; Angus, Peter W ; Visvanathan, Kumar; Testro, Adam G 
1624-Mar-2014Immune monitoring post liver transplant.Sood, Siddharth ; Testro, Adam G 
171-Aug-2013Paracetamol overdose in Victoria remains a significant health-care burden.Sood, Siddharth ; Howell, Jessica; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Angus, Peter W ; Gow, Paul J 
181-Aug-2004Epidemiology of primary biliary cirrhosis in Victoria, Australia: high prevalence in migrant populations.Sood, Siddharth ; Gow, Paul J ; Christie, John M; Angus, Peter W