Abraham Samuel Babu

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Abraham Samuel Babu
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Babu, Abraham Samuel
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2022Epidemiology and outcomes of primary sclerosing cholangitis: an Australian multicentre retrospective cohort study.Tan, Natassia; Ngu, N; Worland, Thomas ; Lee, T ; Abrahams, T ; Pandya, K; Freeman, E; Hannah, N; Gazelakis, K; Madden, R G; Lynch, K D; Valaydon, Z; Sood, Siddharth ; Dev, A; Bell, S; Thompson, A; Ding, J; Nicoll, A J; Liu, K; Gow, Paul J ; Lubel, J; Kemp, W; Roberts, S K; Majeed, A
29-Dec-2020Patients support exercise training and rehabilitation-what more should we be doing to ensure cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is more readily available for those with pulmonary hypertension?Babu, Abraham Samuel ; Morris, Norman R
3Dec-2018Validity of Mobile-Based Technology vs Direct Observation in Measuring Number of Steps and Distance Walked in 6 Minutes.Poojary, Joshita; Arora, Esha; Britto, Alisha; Polen, Zahra; Arena, Ross; Babu, Abraham Samuel 
4Jul-2018Exercise-based evaluations and interventions for pulmonary hypertension with connective tissue disorders.Babu, Abraham Samuel ; Morris, Norman R; Arena, Ross; Myers, Jonathan
5May-2018Exercise based evaluations and rehabilitation in heart failure: An addendum to the Cardiology Society of India's management protocols for chronic heart failure.Babu, Abraham Samuel ; Padmakumar, Ramachandran; Devasia, Tom