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David L Hare
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Hare, David L
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112-Nov-2020Common Comorbidities that Alter Heart Failure Prognosis - shaping new thinking for practice.Iyngkaran, Pupalan; Thomas, Merlin; Horowitz, John D; Komesaroff, Paul; Jelinek, Michael; Hare, David L 
26-Oct-2020Long-Term Results of the RAPCO Trials.Buxton, Brian F ; Hayward, Philip A; Raman, Jai; Moten, Simon C; Rosalion, Alexander; Gordon, Ian; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Matalanis, George ; Benedetto, Umberto; Gaudino, Mario; Hare, David L 
329-Aug-2020Gaps in the Care of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in Australia: First Report From the National Registry.Pang, Jing; Sullivan, David R; Hare, David L ; Colquhoun, David M; Bates, Timothy R; Ryan, Jacqueline D M; Bishop, Warrick; Burnett, John R; Bell, Damon A; Simons, Leon A; Mirzaee, Sam; Kostner, Karam M; Nestel, Paul J; Wilson, Andrew M; O'Brien, Richard C ; Janus, Edward D; Clifton, Peter M; Ardill, Justin J; Chan, Dick C; van Bockxmeer, Frank; Watts, Gerald F
4Jun-2079Association of Radial Artery Graft vs Saphenous Vein Graft With Long-term Cardiovascular Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Gaudino, Mario; Benedetto, Umberto; Fremes, Stephen; Ballman, Karla; Biondi-Zoccai, Giuseppe; Sedrakyan, Art; Nasso, Giuseppe; Raman, Jai; Buxton, Brian; Hayward, Philip A; Moat, Neil; Collins, Peter; Webb, Carolyn; Peric, Miodrag; Petrovic, Ivana; Yoo, Kyung J; Hameed, Irbaz; Di Franco, Antonino; Moscarelli, Marco; Speziale, Giuseppe; Puskas, John D; Girardi, Leonard N; Hare, David L ; Taggart, David P
5Jul-2020Mental Health and Psychosocial Challenges in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Food for Thought for Cardiovascular Health Care Professionals.O'Neil, Adriene; Nicholls, Stephen J; Redfern, Julie; Brown, Alex; Hare, David L 
6Jul-2020Optimising Secondary Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Position Statement From the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ)Nicholls, Stephen J; Nelson, Mark; Astley, Carolyn; Briffa, Tom; Brown, Alex; Clark, Robyn; Colquhoun, David; Gallagher, Robyn; Hare, David L ; Inglis, Sally; Jelinek, Michael; O'Neil, Adrienne; Tirimacco, Rosy; Vale, Margarite; Redfern, Julie
718-May-2020Mapping the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire (MLHFQ) onto the Assessment of Quality of Life 8D (AQoL-8D) utility scores.Catchpool, Max; Ramchand, Jay ; Hare, David L ; Martyn, Melissa; Goranitis, Ilias
810-Apr-2020The Effect of Transitional Care on 30-Day Outcomes in Patients Hospitalised With Acute Heart Failure.Driscoll, Andrea ; Dinh, Diem; Prior, David; Kaye, David; Hare, David L ; Neil, Christopher; Lockwood, Siobhan; Brennan, Angela; Lefkovits, Jeff; Carruthers, Harriet; Amerena, John; Cooke, Jennifer C; Vaddadi, Gautam; Nadurata, Voltaire; Reid, Christopher M
97-Apr-2020Characteristic Histopathological Findings and Cardiac Arrest Rhythm in Isolated Mitral Valve Prolapse and Sudden Cardiac Death.Han, Hui-Chen ; Parsons, Sarah A; Teh, Andrew W ; Sanders, Prashanthan; Neil, Christopher; Leong, Trishe; Koshy, Anoop N ; Vohra, Jitendra K; Kalman, Jonathan M; Smith, Karen; O'Donnell, David ; Hare, David L ; Farouque, Omar ; Lim, Han S 
101-Apr-2020The Prevalence of Elevated Lipoprotein(a) in Patients Presenting With Coronary Artery Disease.Oo, Hnin P; Giovannucci, Julian; O'Brien, Richard C ; Hare, David L 
1120-Mar-2020Sex-Specific Differences in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Outcomes After a Cardiac Event: A Cohort Study Examining the Role of Depression, Worry and Autonomic Function.O'Neil, Adrienne; Scovelle, Anna J; Thomas, Emma; Russell, Josephine D; Taylor, C Barr; Hare, David L ; Toukhsati, Samia R ; Oldroyd, John; Rangani, W P Thanuja; Dheerasinghe, D S Anoja F; Oldenburg, Brian
12Mar-2020Screening, Referral and Treatment of Depression by Australian Cardiologists.Hare, David L ; Stewart, Andrew G O; Driscoll, Andrea ; Mathews, Stephanie; Toukhsati, Samia R 
13Mar-2020Angiographic outcome of coronary artery bypass grafts: Radial Artery Database International Alliance.Gaudino, Mario; Benedetto, Umberto; Fremes, Stephen E; Hare, David L ; Hayward, Philip; Moat, Neil; Moscarelli, Marco; Di Franco, Antonino; Nasso, Giuseppe; Peric, Miodrag; Petrovic, Ivana; Collins, Peter; Webb, Carolyn M; Puskas, John D; Speziale, Giuseppe; Yoo, Kyung Jong; Girardi, Leonard N; Taggart, David P
1428-Feb-2020The Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction Conundrum-Redefining the Problem and Finding Common Ground?Iyngkaran, P; Thomas, M C; Neil, C; Jelinek, M; Cooper, M; Horowitz, J D; Hare, David L ; Kaye, D M
1514-Feb-2020QUality improvement in primary care to prevent hospitalisations and improve Effectiveness and efficiency of care for people Living with coronary heart disease (QUEL): protocol for a 24-month cluster randomised controlled trial in primary care.Redfern, Julie; Hafiz, Nashid; Hyun, Karice; Knight, Andrew; Hespe, Charlotte; Chow, Clara K; Briffa, Tom; Gallagher, Robyn; Reid, Christopher; Hare, David L ; Zwar, Nicholas; Woodward, Mark; Jan, Stephen; Atkins, Emily R; Laba, Tracey-Lea; Halcomb, Elizabeth; Billot, Laurent; Johnson, Tracey; Usherwood, Timothy
1621-Jan-2020Prospective Evaluation of the Utility of Whole Exome Sequencing in Dilated Cardiomyopathy.Ramchand, Jay ; Wallis, Mathew J ; Macciocca, Ivan; Lynch, Elly; Farouque, Omar ; Martyn, Melissa; Phelan, Dean; Chong, Belinda; Lockwood, Siobhan; Weintraub, Robert; Thompson, Tina; Trainer, Alison; Zentner, Dominica; Vohra, Jitendra; Chetrit, Michael; Hare, David L ; James, Paul
17Jan-2020Resting Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability in the Year Following Acute Coronary Syndrome: How Do Women Fare?Scovelle, Anna J; Oldenburg, Brian; Taylor, C Barr; Hare, David L ; Thomas, Emma E; Toukhsati, Samia R ; Oldroyd, John; Russell, Josephine D; O'Neil, Adrienne
1824-Dec-2019Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in 2020: A�?Leading Tier 1 Genomic Application.Pang, Jing; Sullivan, David R; Brett, Tom; Kostner, Karam M; Hare, David L ; Watts, Gerald F
19Dec-2019Mild Depression Predicts Long-Term Mortality After Acute Myocardial Infarction: A 25-Year Follow-Up.Worcester, Marian U; Goble, Alan J; Elliott, Peter C; Froelicher, Erika S; Murphy, Barbara M; Beauchamp, Alison J; Jelinek, Michael V; Hare, David L 
208-Oct-2019Confirming a beneficial effect of the six-minute walk test on exercise confidence in patients with heart failure.Toukhsati, Samia R ; Mathews, S; Sheed, A; Freijah, I; Moncur, L; Cropper, P; Ha, Francis J; Hare, David L