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Andrea Driscoll
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Driscoll, Andrea
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12-Sep-2022Urinary sodium concentration predicts time to major adverse coronary events and all-cause mortality in men with heart failure over a 28-33-year period: a prospective cohort study.Ganes, Anand; Davis, Jessica A; Virtanen, Jyrki K; Voutilainen, Ari; Tuomainen, Tomi-Pekka; Atherton, John J; Amerena, John; Driscoll, Andrea ; Hare, Dave L; Wittert, Gary; Ruusunen, Anu; Marx, Wolfgang; Mohebbi, Mohammadreza; O'Neil, Adrienne
225-May-2022Trends and Predictors of Cardiac Rehabilitation Referral Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A¬†Prospective, Multi-Site Study of 41,739 Patients From the Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry (2017-2020).Cartledge, Susie; Driscoll, Andrea ; Dinh, Diem; O'Neil, Adrienne; Thomas, Emma; Brennan, Angela L; Liew, Danny; Lefkovits, Jeffrey; Stub, Dion
3May-2022Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Compared to Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction: Insights From the VCOR Heart Failure Snapshot.Tan, Christianne; Dinh, Diem; Brennan, Angela; Hare, David L ; Kaye, David; Lefkovits, Jeffrey; Lockwood, Siobhan; Neil, Christopher; Prior, David; Nasis, Arthur; Wilson, Andrew; Reid, Christopher M; Stub, Dion; Driscoll, Andrea 
420-Apr-2022Low Carbohydrate Diets for Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: A Hypothesis.Kleissl-Muir, Sabine; Rasmussen, Bodil; Owen, Alice; Zinn, Caryn; Driscoll, Andrea 
5Apr-2022Management of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure in Rural Versus Metropolitan Settings: An Australian Experience.Chan, R Kimberley; Dinh, Diem T; Hare, David L ; Lockwood, Siobhan; Neil, Chris; Prior, David; Brennan, Angela; Lefkovits, Jeffrey; Carruthers, Harriet; Reid, Christopher M; Driscoll, Andrea 
61-Mar-2022Clinical risk prediction model for 30-day all-cause re-hospitalisation or mortality in patients hospitalised with heart failure.Driscoll, Andrea ; Romaniuk, H; Dinh, D; Amerena, J; Brennan, A; Hare, David L ; Kaye, D; Lefkovits, J; Lockwood, S; Neil, C; Prior, D; Reid, C M; Orellana, L
71-Mar-2022Clinical risk prediction model for 30-day all-cause re-hospitalisation or mortality in patients hospitalised with heart failure.Driscoll, Andrea ; Romanuick, H; Dinh, D; Amerena, J; Brennan, A; Hare, David L ; Kaye, D; Lefkovits, J; Lockwood, S; Neil, C; Prior, D; Reid, C; Orellana, L
824-Feb-2022Predictors of Referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation in Patients following Hospitalisation with Heart Failure: A Multivariate Regression Analysis.Giuliano, Catherine; Vicendese, Don; Vogrin, Sara; Lane, Rebecca; Driscoll, Andrea ; Dinh, Diem; Palmer, Katie; Levinger, Itamar ; Neil, Christopher
922-Feb-2022Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ambulatory heart failure nurse-led services: an integrated review.Driscoll, Andrea ; Gao, Lan; Watts, Jennifer J
10Dec-2020Impact of Individual Patient Profiles on Adherence to Guideline Directed Medical Therapy in Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction: VCOR-HF Study.Driscoll, Andrea ; Dinh, Diem; Wong, James; Hopper, Ingrid; Mariani, Justin; Zimmet, Hendrik; Brennan, Angela; Lefkovits, Jeffery; Carruthers, Harriet; Reid, Christopher M
1115-Oct-2020Estimating the health loss due to poor engagement with cardiac rehabilitation in Australia.Driscoll, Andrea ; Hinde, S; Harrison, A ; Bojke, L; Doherty, P
12Sep-2020CSANZ COVID-19 Cardiovascular Nursing Care Consensus Statement: Executive Summary.Inglis, Sally C; Naismith, Carolyn ; White, Kevin; Hendriks, Jeroen M; Bray, Janet; Hickman, Louise D; Aldridge, Chris; Bardsley, Kimberley; Cameron, Jan; Candelaria, Dion; Cartledge, Susie; Du, Huiyun; Ferguson, Caleb; Martin, Lorelle ; Selkow, Terina; Xu, Xiaoyue; Wynne, Rochelle; Driscoll, Andrea ; Gallagher, Robyn; Clark, Robyn; Davidson, Patricia M
1310-Apr-2020The Effect of Transitional Care on 30-Day Outcomes in Patients Hospitalised With Acute Heart Failure.Driscoll, Andrea ; Dinh, Diem; Prior, David; Kaye, David; Hare, David L ; Neil, Christopher; Lockwood, Siobhan; Brennan, Angela; Lefkovits, Jeff; Carruthers, Harriet; Amerena, John; Cooke, Jennifer C; Vaddadi, Gautam; Nadurata, Voltaire; Reid, Christopher M
14Mar-2020Screening, Referral and Treatment of Depression by Australian Cardiologists.Hare, David L ; Stewart, Andrew G O; Driscoll, Andrea ; Mathews, Stephanie; Toukhsati, Samia R 
15Feb-2020Nutraceuticals in heart failure patients: A systematic review.Hopper, Ingrid; Connell, Cia; Briffa, Tom; Depasquale, Carmine G; Driscoll, Andrea ; Kistler, Peter M; Macdonald, Peter S; Sindone, Andrew; Thomas, Liza; Atherton, John J
1610-Jul-2019A Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Utilizing Telemedicine for Improving Heart Failure Readmission: Can a Realist Approach Bridge the Translational Divide?Gonzalez Garcia, Manuel; Fatehi, Farhad; Bashi, Nazli; Varnfield, Marlien; Iyngkaran, Pupalan; Driscoll, Andrea ; Neil, Christopher; Hare, David L ; Oldenburg, Brian
1712-Jun-2019Self-Care Interventions That Reduce Hospital Readmissions in Patients With Heart Failure; Towards the Identification of Change Agents.Toukhsati, S R; Jaarsma, T; Babu, A S; Driscoll, A ; Hare, David L 
18Jan-2019Barriers and enablers to delivering preventative and early intervention footcare to people with diabetes: a scoping review of healthcare professionals' perceptions.Mullan, Leanne; Driscoll, Andrea ; Wynter, Karen; Rasmussen, Bodil
194-Dec-2018Moving From Heart Failure Guidelines to Clinical Practice: Gaps Contributing to Readmissions in Patients With Multiple Comorbidities and Older Age.Iyngkaran, Pupalan; Liew, Danny; Neil, Christopher; Driscoll, Andrea ; Marwick, Thomas H; Hare, David L 
20Oct-2018National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection, and Management of Heart Failure in Australia 2018.Atherton, John J; Sindone, Andrew; De Pasquale, Carmine G; Driscoll, Andrea ; MacDonald, Peter S; Hopper, Ingrid; Kistler, Peter M; Briffa, Tom; Wong, James; Abhayaratna, Walter; Thomas, Liza; Audehm, Ralph; Newton, Phillip; O'Loughlin, Joan; Branagan, Maree; Connell, Cia