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Lorelle Martin
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Martin, Lorelle
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2020CSANZ COVID-19 Cardiovascular Nursing Care Consensus Statement: Executive Summary.Inglis, Sally C; Naismith, Carolyn ; White, Kevin; Hendriks, Jeroen M; Bray, Janet; Hickman, Louise D; Aldridge, Chris; Bardsley, Kimberley; Cameron, Jan; Candelaria, Dion; Cartledge, Susie; Du, Huiyun; Ferguson, Caleb; Martin, Lorelle ; Selkow, Terina; Xu, Xiaoyue; Wynne, Rochelle; Driscoll, Andrea ; Gallagher, Robyn; Clark, Robyn; Davidson, Patricia M
215-Sep-2019Impact of Gender and Door-to-Balloon Times on Long-Term Mortality in Patients Presenting With ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction.Murphy, Alexandra C ; Yudi, Matias B ; Farouque, Omar ; Dinh, Diem; Duffy, Stephen J; Brennan, Angela; Reid, Christopher M; Andrianopoulos, Nick; Koshy, Anoop N ; Martin, Lorelle ; Dagan, Misha; Freeman, Melanie; Blusztein, David; Ajani, Andrew E; Clark, David J 
3Apr-2016The impact on long term health outcomes for STEMI patients during a period of process change to reduce door to balloon timeMartin, Lorelle ; Murphy, Maria; Scanlon, Andrew; Clark, David J ; Farouque, Omar 
418-Jan-2014Timely treatment for acute myocardial infarction and health outcomes: an integrative review of the literatureMartin, Lorelle ; Murphy, Maria; Scanlon, Andrew; Naismith, Carolyn ; Clark, David J ; Farouque, Omar