Peter J Wookey

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Peter J Wookey
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Wookey, Peter J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2022Calcitonin receptor antibody validation and expression in the rodent brain.Hendrikse, Erica R; Rees, Tayla A; Tasma, Zoe; Le Foll, Christelle; Lutz, Thomas A; Siow, Andrew; Wookey, Peter J ; Walker, Christopher S; Hay, Debbie L
28-Sep-2021Strategic Development of an Immunotoxin for the Treatment of Glioblastoma and Other Tumours Expressing the Calcitonin Receptor.Gupta, Pragya; Hare, David L ; Wookey, Peter J 
318-Feb-2019Expression and activity of the calcitonin receptor family in a sample of primary human high-grade gliomas.Ostrovskaya, Anna; Hick, Caroline; Hutchinson, Dana S; Stringer, Brett W; Wookey, Peter J ; Wootten, Denise; Sexton, Patrick M; Furness, Sebastian G B
413-Sep-2017Calcitonin receptor expression in medullary thyroid carcinomaCappagli, Virginia; Potes, Catarina Soares; Ferreira, Luciana Bueno; Tavares, Catarina; Eloy, Catarina; Elisei, Rossella; Sobrinho-Simões, Manuel; Wookey, Peter J ; Soares, Paula
5Sep-2017Dianthin-30 or gelonin versus monomethyl auristatin E, each configured with an anti-calcitonin receptor antibody, are differentially potent in vitro in high-grade glioma cell lines derived from glioblastoma.Gilabert-Oriol, Roger; Furness, Sebastian G B; Stringer, Brett W; Weng, Alexander; Fuchs, Hendrik; Day, Bryan W; Kourakis, Angela; Boyd, Andrew W; Hare, David L ; Thakur, Mayank; Johns, Terrance G; Wookey, Peter J 
620-Oct-2016Ligand-dependent modulation of G protein conformation alters drug efficacyFurness, Sebastian GB; Liang, Yi-Lynn; Nowell, Cameron J; Halls, Michelle L; Wookey, Peter J ; Dal Maso, Emma; Inoue, Asuka; Christopoulos, Arthur; Wootten, Denise; Sexton, Patrick M
710-Oct-2016A novel ligand of calcitonin receptor reveals a potential new sensor that modulates programmed cell deathFurness, Sebastian G B; Hare, David L ; Kourakis, Angela; Turnley, AM; Wookey, Peter J 
818-Jul-2012A novel population of ?�-smooth muscle actin-positive cells activated in a rat model of stroke: an analysis of the spatio-temporal distribution in response to ischemia.Sharma, Varun; Ling, Tina W; Rewell, Sarah S; Hare, David L ; Howells, David William; Kourakis, Angela; Wookey, Peter J 
915-Feb-2012The expression of calcitonin receptor detected in malignant cells of the brain tumour glioblastoma multiforme and functional properties in the cell line A172.Wookey, Peter J ; McLean, Catriona A; Hwang, Peter; Furness, Sebastian G B; Nguyen, Sandy; Kourakis, Angela; Hare, David L ; Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V
1022-Jan-2012Transient expression of the calcitonin receptor by enteric neurons of the embryonic and early post-natal mouse.Wookey, Peter J ; Turner, Kirsty; Furness, John B
1129-Apr-2009The elevated expression of calcitonin receptor by cells recruited into the endothelial layer and neo-intima of atherosclerotic plaque.Wookey, Peter J ; Zulli, Anthony; Hare, David L 
1227-Apr-2009High dietary taurine reduces apoptosis and atherosclerosis in the left main coronary artery: association with reduced CCAAT/enhancer binding protein homologous protein and total plasma homocysteine but not lipidemia.Zulli, Anthony; Lau, Eza; Wijaya, Bagus P P; Jin, Xin; Sutarga, Komang; Schwartz, Grace D; Learmont, Jonathon; Wookey, Peter J ; Zinellu, Angelo; Carru, Ciriaco; Hare, David L 
1319-Jun-2008Calcitonin gene-related peptide inhibits angiotensin II-mediated vasoconstriction in human radial arteries: role of the Kir channel.Zulli, Anthony; Ye, Bei; Wookey, Peter J ; Buxton, Brian F ; Hare, David L 
141-Apr-2008Calcitonin receptor immunoreactivity associated with specific cell types in diseased radial and internal mammary arteries.Wookey, Peter J ; Zulli, Anthony; Buxton, Brian F ; Hare, David L 
1515-Dec-2006Amylin in the periphery II: An updated mini-review.Wookey, Peter J ; Lutz, Thomas A; Andrikopoulos, Sofianos
1624-Mar-2003Amylin in the periphery.Wookey, Peter J ; Xuereb, Loredanna; Tikellis, Christos; Cooper, Mark E
171-Feb-2003Calcitonin receptor isoforms expressed in the developing rat kidney.Tikellis, Christos; Xuereb, Loredanna; Casley, David J; Brasier, Geoffrey; Cooper, Mark E; Wookey, Peter J 
181-Jul-2002Nephrin expression in the post-natal developing kidney in normotensive and hypertensive rats.Bonnet, Fabrice; Tikellis, Christos; Kawachi, Hiroshi; Burns, Wendy C; Wookey, Peter J ; Cao, Zemin; Cooper, Mark E
191-Sep-1998Amylin: physiological roles in the kidney and a hypothesis for its role in hypertension.Wookey, Peter J ; Cooper, Mark E
2012-Jun-1998Interaction of the renal amylin and renin-angiotensin systems in animal models of diabetes and hypertension.Wookey, Peter J ; Cao, Zemin; Cooper, Mark E