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Brian F Buxton
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Buxton, Brian F
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2020Long-Term Results of the RAPCO Trials.Buxton, Brian F ; Hayward, Philip A; Raman, Jai S ; Moten, Simon C; Rosalion, Alexander; Gordon, Ian; Seevanayagam, Siven ; Matalanis, George ; Benedetto, Umberto; Gaudino, Mario; Hare, David L 
24-Sep-2019The Effect of Recombinant Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin on Endothelial Dysfunction.Qaradakhi, Tawar; Gadanec, Laura K; Tacey, Alexander B; Hare, David L ; Buxton, Brian F ; Apostolopoulos, Vasso; Levinger, Itamar ; Zulli, Anthony
3Jul-2016Is a third arterial conduit necessary? Comparison of the radial artery and saphenous vein in patients receiving bilateral internal thoracic arteries for triple vessel coronary disease.Shi, William Y; Tatoulis, James; Newcomb, Andrew E; Rosalion, Alexander; Fuller, John A; Buxton, Brian F 
4Jan-2016Is the radial artery associated with improved survival in older patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting? An analysis of a multicentre experience†Shi, William Y; Hayward, Philip A R; Fuller, John A; Tatoulis, James; Rosalion, Alexander; Newcomb, Andrew E; Buxton, Brian F 
525-Nov-2014Multiple arterial grafting.Hayward, Philip A R; Buxton, Brian F 
617-Jul-2014Total arterial revascularization with internal thoracic and radial artery grafts in triple-vessel coronary artery disease is associated with improved survival.Buxton, Brian F ; Shi, William Y; Tatoulis, James; Fuller, John A; Rosalion, Alexander; Hayward, Philip A R
724-Jan-2014Impact of renal function in patients with multi-vessel coronary disease on long-term mortality following coronary artery bypass grafting compared with percutaneous coronary intervention.Sugumar, Hariharan; Lancefield, Terase F; Andrianopoulos, Nick; Duffy, Stephen J; Ajani, Andrew E; Freeman, Melanie; Buxton, Brian F ; Brennan, Angela L; Yan, Bryan P; Dinh, Diem T; Smith, Julian A; Charter, Kerrie; Farouque, Omar ; Reid, Christopher M; Clark, David J 
83-Jan-2014Vasoactive role for angiotensin II type 2 receptors in human radial artery.Zulli, Anthony; Hare, David L ; Buxton, Brian F ; Widdop, Robert E
913-Sep-2013Regression of coronary disease after bypass surgery: Urban myth or�?common finding?Zhu, Ying Yan; Nguyen, Trong T; Buxton, Brian F ; Hare, David L ; Hayward, Philip A R
101-Jul-2013Mid-term results of the Radial Artery Patency and Clinical Outcomes randomized trial.Hayward, Philip A R; Buxton, Brian F 
111-Jul-2013The art of arterial revascularization-total arterial revascularization in patients with triple vessel coronary artery disease.Buxton, Brian F ; Hayward, Philip A R
121-Jul-2013The history of arterial revascularization: from Kolesov to Tector and beyond.Buxton, Brian F ; Galvin, Sean D
1318-Mar-2013Does the addition of a radial artery graft improve survival after higher risk coronary artery bypass grafting? A propensity-score analysis of a multicentre database.Hayward, Philip A R; Yap, Cheng Hon; Shi, William Y; Buxton, Brian F ; Dinh, Diem T; Reid, Christopher M; Shardey, Gilbert C; Smith, Julian A
1416-Oct-2012Should all moderate coronary lesions be grafted during primary coronary bypass surgery? An analysis of progression of native vessel disease during a randomized trial of conduits.Hayward, Philip A R; Zhu, Ying Yan; Nguyen, Trong T; Hare, David L ; Buxton, Brian F 
1525-May-2012Usefulness of the Charlson co-morbidity index to predict outcomes in patients >60 years old with aortic stenosis during 18 years of follow-up.Kearney, Leighton G ; Ord, Michelle; Buxton, Brian F ; Matalanis, George ; Patel, Sheila K ; Burrell, Louise; Srivastava, Piyush M 
165-Apr-2012Progression of aortic stenosis in elderly patients over long-term follow up.Kearney, Leighton G ; Ord, M; Buxton, Brian F ; Matalanis, George ; Patel, Sheila K ; Burrell, Louise M ; Srivastava, Piyush M 
171-Mar-2011The Radial Artery Patency and Clinical Outcomes trial: design, intermediate term results and future direction.Hayward, Philip A R; Buxton, Brian F 
181-Dec-2010Invited commentary.Buxton, Brian F ; Hayward, Philip A R; Wan, Song
1924-Apr-2010Impact of chronic kidney disease on patient outcome following cardiac surgery.Hedley, Adam J; Roberts, Matthew A; Hayward, Philip A R; Shaw, Margaret; Matalanis, George ; Buxton, Brian F ; Farouque, Omar ; Ierino, Francesco L
201-Jan-2010Comparable patencies of the radial artery and right internal thoracic artery or saphenous vein beyond 5 years: results from the Radial Artery Patency and Clinical Outcomes trial.Hayward, Philip A R; Gordon, Ian R; Hare, David L ; Matalanis, George ; Horrigan, Mark L; Rosalion, Alexander; Buxton, Brian F