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Daniel R A Cox
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Cox, Daniel R A
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
130-Oct-2023Graft-derived cfDNA Monitoring in Plasma and Bile During Normothermic Machine Perfusion in Liver Transplantation Is Feasible and a Potential Tool for Assessing Graft Viability.Cox, Daniel R A ; Lee, Eunice ; Wong, Boris K L; McClure, Tess ; Zhang, Fan; Goh, Su Kah ; Vago, Angela ; Jackett, Louise A ; Fink, Michael A ; Jones, Robert M ; Perini, Marcos V ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Testro, Adam G ; Starkey, Graham M ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
29-Jun-2023Graft-Derived Cell-Free DNA Quantification following Liver Transplantation Using Tissue-Specific DNA Methylation and Donor-Specific Genotyping Techniques: An Orthogonal Comparison Study.Cox, Daniel R A ; McClure, Tess ; Zhang, Fan; Wong, Boris Ka Leong; Testro, Adam G ; Goh, Su Kah ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander 
3Apr-2023Evaluating treatment response following locoregional therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: A review of the available serological and radiological tools for assessment.Cox, Daniel R A ; Chung, William ; Grace, Josephine A ; Wong, Darren; Kutaiba, Numan ; Ranatunga, Dinesh G ; Khor, Richard ; Perini, Marcos V ; Fink, Michael A ; Jones, Robert M ; Goodwin, Mark D ; Dobrovic, Alex; Testro, Adam G ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
4Dec-2022Endoscopy training in Australia during COVID-19: Efficacy and knowledge assessment of gastroenterology and general surgery trainees.Zorron Cheng Tao Pu, Leonardo ; Cox, Daniel R A ; Be, Kim H; Ng, Jonathan; Yeaman, Fiona; Gilhotra, Rajit A; Efthymiou, Marios ; Vaughan, Rhys B ; Nestel, Debra ; Perini, Marcos V ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Chandran, Sujievvan 
5Jul-2022Pancreatic mass in a patient undergoing immunotherapy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma: dilemmas in management.Goh, Su Kah ; Cox, Daniel R A ; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Perini, Marcos V 
628-Jun-2022Evaluating DNA recovery efficiency following bisulphite modification from plasma samples submitted for cell-free DNA methylation analysis.Cox, Daniel R A ; Wong, Boris Ka Leong; Lee, Eunice ; Testro, Adam G ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Goh, Su Kah 
7Jun-2022Low Levels of Hepatocyte-Specific Methylation in Cell-Free DNA Are a Strong Negative Predictor for Acute T Cell-Mediated Rejection Requiring Treatment Following Liver Transplantation.Cox, Daniel R A ; Low, Nicholas ; Goh, Su Kah ; Lee, Eunice ; Vago, Angela ; Jackett, Louise A ; Lokan, Julie ; Braat, Sabine; Jones, Robert M ; Testro, Adam G ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
82022An unusual cause of enteric pneumatosis.Cox, Daniel R A ; Tosif, Shervin ; Weinberg, Laurence ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan 
9Nov-2021Variation in Human Research Ethics Committee and governance processes throughout Australia: a need for a uniform approach.Dudi-Venkata, Nagendra N ; Cox, Daniel R A ; Marson, Nicholas; Tan, Lorwai; Pockney, Peter; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Watson, David I; Richards, Toby
1023-Aug-2021Elevated levels of circulating mitochondrial DNA predict early allograft dysfunction in patients following liver transplantation.Yoshino, Osamu ; Wong, Boris Ka Leong; Cox, Daniel R A ; Lee, Eunice ; Hepworth, Graham; Christophi, Christopher ; Jones, Robert M ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Perini, Marcos V 
1121-Jun-2021A Synthetic DNA Construct to Evaluate the Recovery Efficiency of Cell-Free DNA Extraction and Bisulfite Modification.Goh, Su Kah ; Cox, Daniel R A ; Wong, Boris Ka Leong; Musafer, Ashan; Witkowski, Tom ; Do, Hongdo; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander 
1224-Mar-2021Comment on: "Hypoxia differently modulates the release of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA".Wong, Boris K L; Zhang, Fan; Do, Hongdo; Testro, Adam G ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Cox, Daniel R A 
1317-Dec-2020Small intestine enterostomy for the intraoperative delivery of levodopa in a patient with severe Parkinson's disease.Li, Jasun ; Cox, Daniel R A ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Weinberg, Laurence 
1428-Nov-2020Donor-specific cell-free DNA as a biomarker in liver transplantation: A review.McClure, Tess ; Goh, Su Kah ; Cox, Daniel R A ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander ; Testro, Adam G 
1516-Jul-2020High Speed Centrifugation Before Frozen Storage of Plasma Is Critical for Quantitative Analysis of Mitochondrial-Derived Cell-Free DNA.Cox, Daniel R A ; Wong, Boris Ka Leong; Yang, Luija; Yoshino, Osamu ; Testro, Adam G ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan ; Dobrovic, Alexander 
161-Jan-2019A Fine Needle Recanalization Technique for Iliac Artery Occlusions in Endovascular SurgeryCox, Daniel R A ; Chiang, Nathaniel; Ramdwar, Noel; Chuen, Jason ; Asadi, Hamed ; Brooks, Duncan Mark 
179-Nov-2018Emergency presentations of acute biliary pain: changing patterns of management in a tertiary institute.Cox, Daniel R A ; Fong, Jonathan; Liew, Chon Hann; Goh, Su Kah ; Yeoh, Michael; Fink, Michael A ; Jones, Robert M ; Mukkadayil, Jude; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Perini, Marcos V ; Rumler, Greg ; Starkey, Graham M ; Christophi, Christopher ; Muralidharan, Vijayaragavan