Andrew J Weickhardt

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Andrew J Weickhardt
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Weickhardt, Andrew J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
122-Feb-2021Rapid resistance of FGFR-driven gastric cancers to regorafenib and targeted FGFR inhibitors can be overcome by parallel inhibition of MEK.Mariadason, John M ; Lau, David K ; Luk, Ian Y; Jenkins, Laura J; Martin, Andrew; Williams, David S ; Schoffer, Kael L; Chionh, Fiona; Buchert, Michael; Sjoquist, Katrin; Boussioutas, Alex; Hayes, Sarah A; Ernst, Matthias ; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Pavlakis, Nick; Tebbutt, Niall C 
2Feb-2021Treatment outcomes for patients with metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer following docetaxel for hormone-sensitive disease.Schmidt, Andrew ; Anton, Angelyn; Shapiro, Julia; Wong, Shirley; Azad, Arun; Kwan, Edmond; Spain, Lavinia; Muthusamy, Arun; Torres, Javier; Parente, Phillip; Parnis, Francis; Goh, Jeffrey; Joshua, Anthony M; Pook, David; Gibbs, Peter; Tran, Ben; Weickhardt, Andrew J 
315-Sep-2020First clinical study of a pegylated diabody 124I-labeled PEG-AVP0458 in patients with tumor-associated glycoprotein 72 positive cancers.Scott, Andrew M ; Akhurst, Timothy; Lee, Fook-Thean; Ciprotti, Marika; Davis, Ian D; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Gan, Hui K ; Hicks, Rodney J; Lee, Sze Ting ; Kocovski, Pece; Guo, Nancy; Oh, Maggie; Mileshkin, Linda; Williams, Scott; Murphy, Declan; Pathmaraj, Kunthi ; O'Keefe, Graeme J; Gong, Sylvia J; Pedersen, John S; Scott, Fiona E; Wheatcroft, Michael P; Hudson, Peter J
422-Nov-2019Genomic Profiling of Biliary Tract Cancer Cell Lines Reveals Molecular Subtypes and Actionable Drug Targets.Lau, David K ; Mouradov, Dmitri; Wasenang, Wiphawan; Luk, Ian Y; Scott, Cameron M; Williams, David S ; Yeung, Yvonne H ; Limpaiboon, Temduang; Iatropoulos, George F ; Jenkins, Laura J; Reehorst, Camilla M; Chionh, Fiona; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Croagh, Daniel; Dhillon, Amardeep S; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Muramatsu, Toshihide; Saito, Yoshimasa; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Sieber, Oliver M; Mariadason, John M 
5Sep-2019The Contribution of Multiparametric Pelvic and Whole-Body MRI to Interpretation of 18F-Fluoromethylcholine or 68Ga-HBED-CC PSMA-11 PET/CT in Patients with Biochemical Failure After Radical Prostatectomy.Metser, Ur; Chua, Sue; Ho, Bao; Punwani, Shonit; Johnston, Edward; Pouliot, Frederic; Tau, Noam; Hawsawy, Asmaa; Anconina, Reut; Bauman, Glenn; Hicks, Rodney J; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Davis, Ian D; Pond, Greg; Scott, Andrew M ; Tunariu, Nina; Sidhu, Harbir; Emmett, Louise
6Sep-2019Assessment of Simplified Methods for Quantification of 18F-FDHT Uptake in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.Kramer, Gerbrand M; Yaqub, Maqsood; Vargas, Herbert A; Schuit, Robert C; Windhorst, Albert D; van den Eertwegh, Alfonsus J M; van der Veldt, Astrid A M; Bergman, Andries M; Burnazi, Eva M; Lewis, Jason S; Chua, Sua; Staton, Kevin D; Beattie, Brad J; Humm, John L; Davis, Ian D; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Scott, Andrew M ; Morris, Michael J; Hoekstra, Otto S; Lammertsma, Adriaan A
730-Jan-2019Timing of brain metastases development in metastatic renal cell cancer patients treated with targeted therapies and survival outcomes: An Australian multicenter study.Ha, Francis J; Spain, Lavinia; Dowling, Anthony; Kwan, Edmond M; Pezaro, Carmel; Day, Daphne; Chia, Puey Ling ; Tran, Ben; Pook, David; Weickhardt, Andrew J 
8Jan-2019Radiotherapy and immunotherapy: a synergistic effect in cancer care.Turgeon, Guy-Anne; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Azad, Arun A; Solomon, Benjamin; Siva, Shankar
9Oct-2018Risk of febrile neutropenia and early treatment cessation in men receiving standard and dose-reduced 3-weekly docetaxel for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.Hamid, Anis A; Willson, Kaspar; Vincent, Andrew D; Tamjid, Babak ; Lee, Margaret; Bergin, Alice; Gan, Chun; Campbell, Ainsley ; Stewart, Josephine; Pezaro, Carmel; Tran, Ben; Weickhardt, Andrew J 
1016-Jun-2018Communicating prognosis of patients with advanced cancer between health care providers: a tertiary cancer center review of written correspondence.Hamid, Anis A; Ha, Francis J; Das, Oindrila; Weickhardt, Andrew J 
11Apr-2018Evaluation of the effect of dabrafenib and metabolites on QTc interval in patients with BRAF V600-mutant tumours.Nebot, Noelia; Arkenau, Hendrik-Tobias; Infante, Jeffrey R; Chandler, Jason C; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Lickliter, Jason D; Sarantopoulos, John; Gordon, Michael S; Mak, Gabriel; St-Pierre, Annie; Tang, Lihua; Mookerjee, Bijoyesh; Carson, Stanley W; Hayes, Siobhan; Grossmann, Kenneth F
122018Reproducibility and repeatability of semi-quantitative18F-fluorodihydrotestosterone (FDHT) uptake metrics in castration-resistant prostate cancer metastases: a prospective multi-center study.Vargas, Hebert Alberto; Kramer, Gem M; Scott, Andrew M ; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Meier, Andreas A; Parada, Nicole; Beattie, Bradley J; Humm, John L; Staton, Kevin D; Zanzonico, Pat B; Lyashchenko, Serge K; Lewis, Jason S; Yaqub, Maqsood; Sosa, Ramon E; van den Eertwegh, Alfons J; Davis, Ian D; Ackermann, Uwe ; Pathmaraj, Kunthi ; Schuit, Robert C; Windhorst, Albert D; Chua, Sue; Weber, Wolfgang A; Larson, Steven M; Scher, Howard I; Lammertsma, Adriaan A; Hoekstra, Otto; Morris, Michael J
13Sep-2017K-Ras mutation and amplification status is predictive of resistance and high basal pAKT is predictive of sensitivity to everolimus in biliary tract cancer cell lines.Yeung, Yvonne; Lau, David K ; Chionh, Fiona; Tran, Hoanh; Tse, Janson W T; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Nikfarjam, Mehrdad ; Scott, Andrew M ; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Mariadason, John M 
14Jun-2017Survival and functional outcomes of patients with metastatic solid organ cancer admitted to the intensive care unit of a tertiary centreHa, Francis J; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Parakh, Sagun ; Vincent, Andrew D; Glassford, Neil J; Warrillow, Stephen J ; Jones, Daryl A 
1517-Mar-2015Correlation of extended RAS and PIK3CA gene mutation status with outcomes from the phase III AGITG MAX STUDY involving capecitabine alone or in combination with bevacizumab plus or minus mitomycin C in advanced colorectal cancer.Price, Timothy J; Bruhn, M A; Lee, C K; Hardingham, J E; Townsend, A R; Mann, K P; Simes, J; Weickhardt, A ; Wrin, J W; Wilson, K; Gebski, V; Van Hazel, G; Robinson, B; Cunningham, D; Tebbutt, Niall C 
161-Dec-2010Strategies for overcoming inherent and acquired resistance to EGFR inhibitors by targeting downstream effectors in the RAS/PI3K pathway.Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Tebbutt, Niall C ; Mariadason, John M