Natasha Cook

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Natasha Cook
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Cook, Natasha
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2023Narrative review of inpatient nutritional management of anorexia nervosa with management recommendations for Australian tertiary health services.Hoo, Phoebe; Goldschlager, Romi; Katsoulis, John; Newnham, Evan; Harun, Nur-Shirin; Gwee, Karen; Silberberg, Carol; Russell, Nick; Lam, Simon K L ; Adithama, Esti; Cook, Natasha ; Weickhardt, Andrew J 
22022Transition from a renal paediatric clinic to an adult clinic: Perspectives of adolescents and young adults, parents and health professionals.Crawford, Kimberley; Low, Jac Kee; Le Page, Amelia K; Mulley, William; Masterson, Rosemary; Kausman, Joshua; Cook, Natasha ; Mount, Peter F ; Manias, Elizabeth
3Oct-2021Dialysis and driving: an anonymous survey of patients receiving dialysis for end-stage kidney disease.Graver, Alison; Odell, Morris; Churilov, Leonid ; Power, David A ; Mount, Peter F ; Davies, Matthew R P ; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Paizis, Kathy ; Cook, Natasha 
428-Feb-2019Increased expression and phosphorylation of 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase isoforms in urinary exosomes in pre-eclampsia.Ellis, R; Katerelos, Marina ; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Cook, Natasha ; Lee, M ; Paizis, Kathy ; Pell, G; Walker, S ; Power, David A ; Mount, Peter F 
524-Sep-2018Pre-eclampsia is associated with altered expression of the renal sodium transporters NKCC2, NCC and ENaC in urinary extracellular vesicles.Hu, Chih-Chiang; Katerelos, Marina ; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Crossthwaite, Amy ; Walker, Susan P; Pell, Gabrielle; Lee, Mardiana ; Cook, Natasha ; Mount, Peter F ; Paizis, Kathy ; Power, David Anthony
6Jul-2018Use of a new end-stage kidney disease risk calculator in the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes guideline to evaluate the impact of different living kidney donor candidate assessments.Lee, Darren; Manzoor, Momena; Harley, Geoff ; Whitlam, John B ; Cook, Natasha ; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Sandiford, Megan ; Gibson, Charlotte; McMahon, Lawrence P; Roberts, Matthew A
7Jan-2018Lifetime end-stage kidney disease risk estimation in living kidney donor candidates remains a challengeLee, Darren; Whitlam, John B ; Cook, Natasha ; Manzoor, Momena; Harley, Geoff ; Choy, Suet-wan; McMahon, Lawrence P; Roberts, Matthew A
82018Lifetime risk of end-stage kidney disease in living donors for paediatric kidney transplant recipients in Australia and New Zealand - a retrospective study.Lee, Darren; Whitlam, John B ; Cook, Natasha ; Walker, Amanda M; Roberts, Matthew A; Ierino, Francesco L; Kausman, Joshua Y
91-Sep-2013AMPK couples plasma renin to cellular metabolism by phosphorylation of ACC1.Fraser, Scott A; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Pastor-Soler, NĂºria M; Li, Hui; Davies, Matthew R P ; Cook, Natasha ; Katerelos, Marina ; Mount, Peter F ; Gleich, Kurt; McRae, Jennifer L; Dwyer, Karen M; van Denderen, Bryce J W; Hallows, Kenneth R; Kemp, Bruce E; Power, David A 
1028-Jan-2009Low salt concentrations activate AMP-activated protein kinase in mouse macula densa cells.Cook, Natasha ; Fraser, Scott A; Katerelos, Marina ; Katsis, Frosa; Gleich, Kurt; Mount, Peter F ; Steinberg, Gregory R; Levidiotis, Vicki; Kemp, Bruce E; Power, David Anthony
111-Jul-2007Regulation of the renal-specific Na+-K+-2Cl- co-transporter NKCC2 by AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).Fraser, Scott A; Gimenez, Ignacio; Cook, Natasha ; Jennings, Ian; Katerelos, Marina ; Katsis, Frosa; Levidiotis, Vicki; Kemp, Bruce E; Power, David Anthony