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John B Whitlam
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Whitlam, John B
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
126-Feb-2021First reported case of successful deceased donor kidney transplantation in the presence of cold agglutinins and triple positive antiphospholipid antibodies.Leung, Po Yee Mia; Michell, Ian; Steven, Mark; Hogan, Christopher ; Borosak, Marija; Miles, Lachlan F ; Whitlam, John B ; Lee, Darren Hui Kwong 
211-Jan-2021Complete recovery from COVID-19 of a kidney-pancreas transplant recipient: potential benefit from everolimus?Heron, Vanessa C ; Bach, Cindy-Anne T; Holmes, Natasha E ; Whitlam, John B 
317-Sep-2020Clinical impact of genomic testing in patients with suspected monogenic kidney disease.Jayasinghe, Kushani; Stark, Zornitza; Kerr, Peter G; Gaff, Clara; Martyn, Melissa; Whitlam, John B ; Creighton, Belinda; Donaldson, Elizabeth; Hunter, Matthew; Jarmolowicz, Anna; Johnstone, Lilian; Krzesinski, Emma; Lunke, Sebastian; Lynch, Elly; Nicholls, Kathleen; Patel, Chirag; Prawer, Yael; Ryan, Jessica; See, Emily J ; Talbot, Andrew; Trainer, Alison; Tytherleigh, Rigan; Valente, Giulia M ; Wallis, Mathew J ; Wardrop, Louise; West, Kirsty H; White, Susan M; Wilkins, Ella; Mallett, Andrew J; Quinlan, Catherine
4Dec-2019Ganciclovir-resistant post-transplant cytomegalovirus infection due to combined deletion mutation at codons 595-596 of the UL97 gene.Leung, Po Yee Mia; Tran, Thomas; Testro, Adam G ; Paizis, Kathy ; Kwong, Jason C ; Whitlam, John B 
5Apr-2019Diagnostic application of kidney allograft-derived absolute cell-free DNA levels during transplant dysfunction.Whitlam, John B ; Ling, Ling; Skene, Alison ; Kanellis, John; Ierino, Francseco L; Slater, Howard R; Bruno, Damien L; Power, David A 
6Jul-2018Use of a new end-stage kidney disease risk calculator in the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes guideline to evaluate the impact of different living kidney donor candidate assessments.Lee, Darren; Manzoor, Momena; Harley, Geoff ; Whitlam, John B ; Cook, Natasha ; Choy, Suet-Wan ; Sandiford, Megan ; Gibson, Charlotte; McMahon, Lawrence P; Roberts, Matthew A
7Jan-2018Lifetime end-stage kidney disease risk estimation in living kidney donor candidates remains a challengeLee, Darren; Whitlam, John B ; Cook, Natasha ; Manzoor, Momena; Harley, Geoff ; Choy, Suet-wan; McMahon, Lawrence P; Roberts, Matthew A
82018Lifetime risk of end-stage kidney disease in living donors for paediatric kidney transplant recipients in Australia and New Zealand - a retrospective study.Lee, Darren; Whitlam, John B ; Cook, Natasha ; Walker, Amanda M; Roberts, Matthew A; Ierino, Francesco L; Kausman, Joshua Y
9May-2017Use of ubiquitous, highly heterozygous copy number variants and digital droplet polymerase chain reaction to monitor chimerism after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.Whitlam, John B ; Ling, Ling; Swain, Michael; Harrington, Tom; Mirochnik, Oksana; Brooks, Ian; Cronin, Sara; Challis, Jackie; Petrovic, Vida; Bruno, Damien L; Mechinaud, Francoise; Conyers, Rachel; Slater, Howard
103-Jun-2013Electronic estimations of renal function are inaccurate in solid-organ transplant recipients and can result in significant underdosing of prophylactic valganciclovir.Trevillyan, J ; Angus, Peter W ; Shelton, E; Whitlam, J ; Ierino, F; Pavlovic, J ; Gregory, D; Urbancic, K ; Torresi, Joseph ; Testro, Adam G ; Grayson, M Lindsay