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Janine Trevillyan
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Trevillyan, Janine
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2023Factors associated with the development of coronary artery disease in people with HIV.Mushin, Ari S; Trevillyan, Janine ; Lee, Sue J; Hearps, Anna C; Hoy, Jennifer F
227-Mar-2023Robust SARS-CoV-2 T cell responses with common TCRαβ motifs toward COVID-19 vaccines in patients with hematological malignancy impacting B cells.Nguyen, Thi H O; Rowntree, Louise C; Allen, Lilith F; Chua, Brendon Y; Kedzierski, Lukasz; Lim, Chhay; Lasica, Masa; Tennakoon, G Surekha; Saunders, Natalie R; Crane, Megan; Chee, Lynette; Seymour, John F; Anderson, Mary Ann; Whitechurch, Ashley; Clemens, E Bridie; Zhang, Wuji; Chang, So Young; Habel, Jennifer R; Jia, Xiaoxiao; McQuilten, Hayley A; Minervina, Anastasia A; Pogorelyy, Mikhail V; Chaurasia, Priyanka; Petersen, Jan; Menon, Tejas; Hensen, Luca; Neil, Jessica A; Mordant, Francesca L; Tan, Hyon-Xhi; Cabug, Aira F; Wheatley, Adam K; Kent, Stephen J; Subbarao, Kanta; Karapanagiotidis, Theo; Huang, Han; Vo, Lynn K; Cain, Natalie L; Nicholson, Suellen; Krammer, Florian; Gibney, Grace; James, Fiona L ; Trevillyan, Janine ; Trubiano, Jason ; Mitchell, Jeni; Christensen, Britt; Bond, Katherine A; Williamson, Deborah A; Rossjohn, Jamie; Crawford, Jeremy Chase; Thomas, Paul G; Thursky, Karin A; Slavin, Monica A; Tam, Constantine S; Teh, Benjamin W; Kedzierska, Katherine
32022Effects and safety of Chinese herbal medicine on inflammatory biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.Li, Mingdi; Zhou, Iris Wenyu; Trevillyan, Janine ; Hearps, Anna C; Zhang, Anthony Lin; Jaworowski, Anthony
41-May-2021Impact of Integrase inhibitors and tenofovir alafenamide on weight gain in people with HIV.Lake, Jordan E; Trevillyan, Janine 
5Aug-2017The location of Australian Buruli ulcer lesions-Implications for unravelling disease transmissionYerramilli, Arvind; Tay, Ee Laine; Stewardson, Andrew J; Kelley, Peter G; Bishop, Emma; Jenkin, Grant A; Starr, Mike; Trevillyan, Janine ; Hughes, Andrew; Friedman, N Deborah; O’Brien, Daniel P; Johnson, Paul D R 
61-Mar-2016Reply to Davido and Dinh.Grayson, M Lindsay ; Macesic, Nenad; Trevillyan, Janine 
71-Oct-2015Fosfomycin for treatment of prostatitis: new tricks for old dogsGrayson, ML; Macesic, N; Trevillyan, J ; Ellis, AG; Zeglinski, PT; Hewitt, NH; Gardiner, BJ; Frauman, AG
83-Jun-2013Electronic estimations of renal function are inaccurate in solid-organ transplant recipients and can result in significant underdosing of prophylactic valganciclovir.Trevillyan, J ; Angus, Peter W ; Shelton, E; Whitlam, J ; Ierino, F; Pavlovic, J ; Gregory, D; Urbancic, K ; Torresi, Joseph ; Testro, Adam G ; Grayson, M Lindsay