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Christopher Hogan
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Hogan, Christopher
Hogan, Chris
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
111-Aug-2023Rotational ThromboElastometry-guided blood component administration versus standard of care in patients with Cirrhosis and coagulopathy undergoing Invasive ProcEdures (RECIPE): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Janko, Natasha; Majeed, Ammar; Kemp, William; Hogan, Christopher ; Nandurkar, Harshal; Roberts, Stuart K
24-Apr-2022The other parts of the blood group alphabet: meeting the diverse requirements of our changing population.Hogan, Christopher ; Street, Alison
32-Feb-2022Unique nested formation in a case of large cell transformation of follicular lymphoma mimicking adenocarcinoma.Rees, Matthew J ; Hogan, Christopher ; Fancourt, Tineke ; Ho, Wai Khoon 
48-Jul-2021The use of organ donor blood in liver transplantation.Tang, Gia Toan; Shaylor, Ruth; Hui, Victor; Przybylowski, Greg; Jones, Robert M ; Starkey, Graham M ; Perini, Marcos V ; Wang, Bao-Zhong; Zantomio, Daniela ; Hogan, Christopher ; Fink, Michael A 
526-Feb-2021First reported case of successful deceased donor kidney transplantation in the presence of cold agglutinins and triple positive antiphospholipid antibodies.Leung, Po Yee Mia; Michell, Ian; Steven, Mark; Hogan, Christopher ; Borosak, Marija; Miles, Lachlan F ; Whitlam, John B ; Lee, Darren Hui Kwong 
629-Jan-2021Pitfalls in the assessment of disseminated intravascular coagulation in patients on dabigatran.Kanda, Gurbaksh Singh; Ho, Wai Khoon ; Rodrigues, Christopher; Bousounis, Anna; Hogan, Christopher 
7Nov-2020Research Trends in Anticoagulation Therapy over the Last 25 Years.Mian, Mustafa K; Sreedharan, Subhashaan; Limaye, Neeraj S; Hogan, Christopher ; Darvall, Jai N
8Nov-2020Cold Agglutinin Disease and Hemolytic Crisis After Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest in a Patient With Beta-Thalassemia Minor.Duffy, Christopher; Bain, Christopher; Cairo, Sesto A; Hogan, Christopher ; Geldard, Paul; Larobina, Marco; Lin, Enjarn; Tutungi, Elli; Miles, Lachlan F 
9Jun-2018Red blood cell specifications for patients with hemoglobinopathies: a systematic review and guideline.Compernolle, Veerle; Chou, Stella T; Tanael, Susano; Savage, William; Howard, Jo; Josephson, Cassandra D; Odame, Isaac; Hogan, Christopher ; Denomme, Gregory; Shehata, Nadine