Darren Hui Kwong Lee

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Darren Hui Kwong Lee
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Lee, Darren Hui Kwong
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2023Understanding Donor-derived Cell-free DNA in Kidney Transplantation: An Overview and Case-based Guide for Clinicians.Graver, Alison S; Lee, Darren Hui Kwong ; Power, David A ; Whitlam, John B 
2Jun-2022Lower versus higher starting tacrolimus dosing in kidney transplant recipients.Chua, Justin C M; Mount, Peter F ; Lee, Darren Hui Kwong 
3Oct-2021Successful Implementation of an Increased Viral Risk Donor Waiting List for Preconsented Kidney Transplant Candidates in Victoria, Australia.Lee, Darren Hui Kwong ; Gramnea, Indra; Seng, Nina; Bruns, Meaghan; Hudson, Fiona; D'Costa, Rohit; McEvoy, Leanne; Sasadeusz, Joe; O'Leary, Michael J; Basu, Gopal; Kausman, Joshua Y; Masterson, Rosemary; Paizis, Kathy ; Kanellis, John; Hughes, Peter D; Goodman, David J; Whitlam, John B 
426-Feb-2021First reported case of successful deceased donor kidney transplantation in the presence of cold agglutinins and triple positive antiphospholipid antibodies.Leung, Po Yee Mia; Michell, Ian; Steven, Mark; Hogan, Christopher ; Borosak, Marija; Miles, Lachlan F ; Whitlam, John B ; Lee, Darren Hui Kwong 
5May-2020A pilot study of autologous rectus fascial wrap at the time of artificial urinary sphincter placement in patients at risk of cuff erosion.Gani, Johan ; Hennessey, Derek B; Hoag, Nathan; Lee, D ; Chung, E
610-Dec-2018Allocation of deceased donor kidneys: A review of international practices.Lee, Darren Hui Kwong ; Kanellis, John; Mulley, William R
726-Apr-2013Expression of the transmembrane lysosomal protein SCARB2/Limp-2 in renin secretory granules controls renin release.Lee, D ; Desmond, Michael J; Fraser, S A; Katerelos, M ; Gleich, Kurt; Berkovic, Samuel F ; Power, David Anthony
823-Jan-2013Limited capacity of proximal tubular proteolysis in mice with proteinuria.Lee, D ; Gleich, Kurt; Fraser, S A; Katerelos, M ; Mount, P F; Power, David Anthony