Vanessa C Heron

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Vanessa C Heron
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Heron, Vanessa C
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2023Acute leg pain and weakness in pregnancy: A new diagnosis of myotonic dystrophy.Heron, Vanessa C ; Thomas, Ashmitha; Liu, Bonnia ; Crosthwaite, Amy A; Skrzypek, Hannah; McLean, Catriona A; Paizis, Kathy 
2Apr-2021Long-Term Graft and Patient Outcomes Following Kidney Transplantation in End-Stage Kidney Disease Secondary to Hyperoxaluria.Heron, Vanessa C ; Kerr, Peter G; Kanellis, John; Polkinghorne, Kevan R; Isbel, Nikky M; See, Emily J 
311-Jan-2021Complete recovery from COVID-19 of a kidney-pancreas transplant recipient: potential benefit from everolimus?Heron, Vanessa C ; Bach, Cindy-Anne T; Holmes, Natasha E ; Whitlam, John B