Bonnia Liu

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Bonnia Liu
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Liu, Bonnia
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2023FDG-PET/CT for investigation of pyrexia of unknown origin: a cost of illness analysis.Liu, Bonnia ; Ma, Ronald ; Shum, Evonne; Hormiz, Maria; Lee, Sze Ting ; Poon, Aurora M T ; Scott, Andrew M 
2Dec-2023Acute leg pain and weakness in pregnancy: A new diagnosis of myotonic dystrophy.Heron, Vanessa C ; Thomas, Ashmitha; Liu, Bonnia ; Crosthwaite, Amy A; Skrzypek, Hannah; McLean, Catriona A; Paizis, Kathy 
3Jan-2023Better diagnostic tools needed for biopsy-negative giant cell arteritis.Yang, Victor; McMaster, Christopher ; Owen, Claire E ; Leung, Jessica L Y ; Liu, Bonnia ; Buchanan, Russell R C ; Liew, David F L 
413-Apr-2022Comment on: Deep learning algorithms for magnetic resonance imaging of inflammatory sacroiliitis in axial spondyloarthritis.McMaster, Christopher ; Liew, David F L ; Liu, Bonnia ; Schachna, Lionel 
522-Nov-2018Association of good oncological response to therapy with the development of rheumatic immune-related adverse events following PD-1 inhibitor therapy.Liew, David F L ; Leung, Jessica L Y ; Liu, Bonnia ; Cebon, Jonathan S ; Frauman, Albert G ; Buchanan, Russell R C 
612-Nov-2018Rheumatic immune-related adverse events secondary to anti-programmed death-1 antibodies and preliminary analysis on the impact of corticosteroids on anti-tumour response: A case series.Mitchell, Emma L; Lau, Peter Kar Han; Khoo, Chloe; Liew, David F; Leung, Jessica; Liu, Bonnia ; Rischin, Adam; Frauman, Albert G ; Kee, Damien ; Smith, Kortnye; Brady, Benjamin; Rischin, Danny; Gibson, Andrew; Mileshkin, Linda; Klein, Oliver ; Weickhardt, Andrew; Arulananda, Surein; Shackleton, Mark; McArthur, Grant; Östör, Andrew; Cebon, Jonathan S ; Solomon, Benjamin; Buchanan, Russell R C ; Wicks, Ian P; Lo, Serigne; Hicks, Rodney J; Sandhu, Shahneen
7Sep-2016Non-medical needs of older patients in the emergency department.Liu, Bonnia ; Taylor, David McD ; Ling, Sophia L-Y; MacGibbon, Paul
8Feb-2016Variables associated with parent satisfaction with their child's pain management.Liversidge, Xien Lei; Taylor, David McD ; Liu, Bonnia ; Ling, Sophia Li-Yiing; Taylor, Simone Elise