Vanessa Wong

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Vanessa Wong
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Wong, Vanessa
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2023Taxane-induced neuropathy: How serious is this problem for patients with early breast cancer?Nicolae, Robert; Uccellini, Anthony; Siderov, Jim ; Mellerick, Angela ; Wong, Vanessa ; Yeo, Belinda 
2Feb-2023Addition of endocrine therapy to dual anti-HER2 targeted therapy in initial treatment of HER2 + /HR + metastatic breast cancer.Loft, Matthew; Lok, Sheau Wen; De Boer, Richard; Malik, Laeeq; Greenberg, Sally; Yeo, Belinda ; Anton, Angelyn; Nottage, Michelle; Wong, Vanessa ; Nott, Louise; Collins, Ian M; Torres, Javier; Barnett, Frances; Lombard, Janine M; Gibbs, Peter; Gately, Lucy
330-Aug-2022Real-World Outcomes of Ribociclib and Aromatase Inhibitor Use in First Line Hormone Receptor Positive, HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer.Wong, Vanessa ; de Boer, Richard; Baron-Hay, Sally; Blum, Robert; Boyle, Frances; Chua, Susan; Clarke, Kerrie; Cuff, Katharine; Green, Michael; Lim, Elgene; Mok, Kelly; Nott, Louise; Nottage, Michelle; Tafreshi, Ali; Tsoi, Daphne; Uccellini, Anthony; Hong, Wei; Gibbs, Peter; Lok, Sheau Wen
414-Jul-2022Real-World Outcomes in Patients With Brain Metastases Secondary to HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: An Australian Multi-centre Registry-based Study.Tung, Iris; Moldovan, Cristina; Wong, Vanessa ; De Boer, Richard; Yeo, Belinda ; Malik, Laeeq; Greenberg, Sally; Anton, Angelyn; Nott, Louise; Barnett, Frances; Collins, Ian M; Lombard, Janine; Nottage, Michelle; Sahu, Arvind; Torres, Javier; Gibbs, Peter; Lok, Sheau Wen
531-Mar-2022High-dose chemotherapy for relapsed germ cell tumours: outcomes in low-volume specialized centres.Connolly, Elizabeth A; Weickhardt, Andrew J ; Grimison, Peter; Asher, Rebecca; Heller, Gillian Z; Lewin, Jeremy; Liow, Elizabeth; Toner, Guy; Tung, Iris L Y; Tran, Ben; Hill, Sean; Walpole, Euan; McKenzie, Jane; Kuchel, Anna; Goh, Jeffrey; Forgeson, Garry; Tan, Alvin; Joshi, Abhishek; Wickham, Alistair; Tan, Hsiang; Wang, Yang; Winstanley, Mark A; Hamad, Nada; Wong, Vanessa 
618-May-2021Uptake of bone modifying agents in patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer with bone metastases - prospective data from a multi-site Australian registry.Wong, Vanessa ; de Boer, Richard; Dunn, Catherine; Anton, Angelyn; Malik, Laeeq; Greenberg, Sally; Yeo, Belinda ; Nott, Louise; Collins, Ian M; Torres, Javier; Barnett, Frances; Nottage, Michelle; Gibbs, Peter; Lok, Sheau Wen
7Jun-2020Hypocalcaemia following denosumab in prostate cancer: a clinical review.Lau, Lik-Hui; Cliff, Edward R S; Wong, Vanessa ; Wong, Henry; Torkamani, Niloufar ; Eer, Audrey; Weickhardt, Andrew; Grossmann, Mathis