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Jim Siderov
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Siderov, Jim
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2020A consensus statement on the use of biosimilar medicines in hematology in Australia.Gregory, Gareth P; Carrington, Christine; Cheah, Chan Y; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Irving, Ian M; Siderov, Jim ; Opat, Stephen
2Apr-2020A survey of global biosimilar implementation practice conducted by the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners.Foreman, Emma; Patel, Himanshu; Siderov, Jim ; Harchowal, Jatinder; Bubalo, Joseph; Chan, Alexandre
3Apr-2020Assessing biosimilar education needs among oncology pharmacy practitioners worldwide: An ISOPP membership survey.Chan, Alexandre; Patel, Himanshu; Siderov, Jim ; Bubalo, Joseph; Foreman, Emma
4Apr-2020International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners global position on the use of biosimilars in cancer treatment and supportive care.Frazer, Morgan B; Bubalo, Joseph; Patel, Himanshu; Siderov, Jim ; Cubilla, Milagros; De Lemos, M├írio; Dhillon, Harbans; Harchowal, Jatinder; Kuchonthara, Nirachorn; Livinalli, Annemeri; Macedo, Rodrigo; Mwangi, Winnie; Nomura, Hisanaga; O'Connor, Shaun; Patterson, Maggie; Seadi Torriani, Mayde; Yim, Barbara; Chan, Alexandre; Foreman, Emma
51-Jul-2019High prevalence of antibiotic allergies in cladribine-treated patients with hairy cell leukemia - lessons for immunopathogenesis and prescribing.Meher-Homji, Zaal; Tam, Constantine S; Siderov, Jim ; Seymour, John Francis; Holmes, Natasha E ; Chua, Kyra Y L ; Phillips, Elizabeth J; Slavin, Monica A; Trubiano, Jason A 
6Oct-2017Letters about Published Papers.Siderov, Jim 
7Jan-2017Timely initiation of chemotherapy: a systematic literature review in six priority cancers - results and recommendations for clinical practiceAlexander, Marliese; Blum, Robert; Burbury, Kate; Coutsouvelis, John; Dooley, Michael J; Fazil, Obaid; Griffitths, Tina; Ismail, Huda; Joshi, Sachin; Love, Natalie; Opat, Stephen; Parente, Phillip; Porter, Nicole; Ross, Eldene; Siderov, Jim ; Thomas, Pauline; White, Shane ; Kirsa, Sue; Rischin, Danny
88-Dec-2014Taking the plunge?Siderov, Jim 
94-Dec-2009Reducing workplace cytotoxic surface contamination using a closed-system drug transfer device.Siderov, Jim ; Kirsa, Sue; McLauchlan, Robert
1012-Jun-2009Arsenic trioxide associated toothache.Siderov, Jim ; Duggan, John
111-Sep-1995Quality of pharmacokinetic research in oncology.Siderov, J ; Brien, J E; Morgan, Denis J; Zalcberg, John R; Cosolo, W