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Shane White
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White, Shane
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2020Durvalumab induced sarcoid-like pulmonary lymphadenopathy.Sanderson, Emma ; Wimaleswaran, Hari ; Senko, Clare ; White, Shane ; McDonald, Christine F 
2Nov-2018The benefits of adding metformin to tamoxifen to protect the endometrium- a randomized placebo-controlled trial.Davis, Susan R; Robinson, Penelope J; Jane, Fiona; White, Shane ; Brown, Kristy A; Piessens, Sofie; Edwards, Andrew; McNeilage, Jane; Woinarski, Jillian; Chipman, Mitchell; Bell, Robin J
314-Sep-2018Intra-vaginal testosterone improves sexual satisfaction and vaginal symptoms associated with aromatase inhibitors.Davis, Susan R; Robinson, Penelope J; Jane, Fiona; White, Shane ; White, Michelle; Bell, Robin J
4Jan-2017Timely initiation of chemotherapy: a systematic literature review in six priority cancers - results and recommendations for clinical practiceAlexander, Marliese; Blum, Robert; Burbury, Kate; Coutsouvelis, John; Dooley, Michael J; Fazil, Obaid; Griffitths, Tina; Ismail, Huda; Joshi, Sachin; Love, Natalie; Opat, Stephen; Parente, Phillip; Porter, Nicole; Ross, Eldene; Siderov, Jim ; Thomas, Pauline; White, Shane ; Kirsa, Sue; Rischin, Danny