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Debra Nestel
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Nestel, Debra
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
19-Mar-2021COVID-19 impact on junior doctor education and training: a scoping review.Seifman, Marc Adam; Fuzzard, Sibon K; To, Henry; Nestel, Debra 
23-Feb-2021Remediation for surgical trainees: recommendations from a narrative review.To, Henry; Cargill, Ashleigh; Tobin, Stephen; Nestel, Debra 
330-Oct-2020Remediation of Underperformance in Surgical Trainees - A Scoping Review.To, Henry; Cargill, Ashleigh; Tobin, Stephen; Nestel, Debra 
429-Apr-2020Becoming a clinician: Trainee identity formation within the GP supervisory relationship.Brown, James; Reid, Helen; Dornan, Tim; Nestel, Debra 
5Apr-2020Simulated participant methodology in paediatric surgical training: Exploring contemporary practices.Nestel, Debra ; Ljuhar, D; Gamble, A
62019The power of simulation: a large-scale narrative analysis of learners' experiences.Bearman, Margaret; Greenhill, Jennene; Nestel, Debra 
725-May-2018Values and value in simulated participant methodology: A global perspective on contemporary practices.Nestel, Debra ; McNaughton, N; Smith, C; Schlegel, C; Tierney, T
85-Jan-2018Do experts practice what they profess?Zhou, Yun; Wijewickrema, Sudanthi; Ioannou, Ioanna; Bailey, James; Kennedy, Gregor; Nestel, Debra ; O'Leary, Stephen
9Aug-2017Surgical education and training in an outer metropolitan hospital: a qualitative study of surgical trainers and traineesNestel, Debra ; Harlim, Jennifer; Bryant, Melanie; Rampersad, Rajay; Hunter-Smith, David; Spychal, Bob
107-Apr-2017Learning outcomes for communication skills across the health professions: a systematic literature review and qualitative synthesis.Denniston, Charlotte; Molloy, Elizabeth; Nestel, Debra ; Woodward-Kron, Robyn; Keating, Jennifer L