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Penelope Hey
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Hey, Penelope
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2021Nutraceuticals for the treatment of sarcopenia in chronic liver disease.Hey, Penelope ; Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Apostolov, Ross ; Chapman, Brooke ; Sinclair, Marie 
2Jan-2021Letter: TIPSS is a promising therapy for sarcopenia in cirrhosis.Hey, Penelope ; Sinclair, Marie ; Testro, Adam G ; Gow, Paul J 
3May-2020Letter to the Editor: Moderate Alcohol Use in Fatty Liver Disease: Don't Throw the Cabernet Out With the Bathwater.Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Hey, Penelope ; Sinclair, Marie 
429-Nov-2019Moderate alcohol use in fatty liver disease; don't throw the cabernet out with the bathwater.Gow, Paul J ; Testro, Adam G ; Hey, Penelope ; Sinclair, Marie 
5Nov-2019Long-term continuous terlipressin infusion in cirrhotic patients with hepatorenal syndrome or refractory ascites awaiting liver transplantation is associated with an increase in plasma sodium.McClure, Tess ; Chapman, B ; Hey, Penelope ; Testro, Adam G ; Gow, Paul J 
627-Jul-2019Epidemiology and outcomes of acute liver failure in Australia.Hey, Penelope ; Hanrahan, Timothy P; Sinclair, Marie ; Testro, Adam G ; Angus, Peter W ; Peterson, Adam; Warrillow, Stephen; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Perini, Marcos V ; Starkey, Graham M ; Jones, Robert M ; Fink, Michael A ; McClure, Tess ; Gow, Paul J 
7Jun-2019Use of Dual X-ray Absorptiometry in men with advanced cirrhosis to predict sarcopenia-associated mortality risk.Sinclair, Marie ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Peterson, Adam; Testro, Adam G ; Angus, Peter W ; Hey, Penelope ; Chapman, Brooke ; Gow, Paul J 
8Jan-2019Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy secondary to hepatitis C virus infection-related T-cell lymphopenia.Aung, Ar Kar; Robinson, Jessica; Hey, Penelope ; Lehmann, Mahalia; Chow, Yan; Stark, Richard J; Bosco, Julian J
925-Sep-2017Efficacy of oral vancomycin in recurrent primary sclerosing cholangitis following liver transplantation.Hey, Penelope ; Lokan, Julie ; Johnson, Paul D R ; Gow, Paul
10Mar-2016Low testosterone as a better predictor of mortality than sarcopenia in men with advanced liver disease.Sinclair, Marie ; Grossmann, Mathis ; Angus, Peter W ; Hoermann, Rudolf; Hey, Penelope ; Scodellaro, Thomas ; Gow, Paul J 
114-May-2015Risk factors for band-induced ulcer bleeding after prophylactic and therapeutic endoscopic variceal band ligation.Sinclair, Marie ; Vaughan, Rhys B ; Angus, Peter W ; Gow, Paul J ; Parker, Frank; Hey, Penelope ; Efthymiou, Marios 
1211-Nov-2012Cirrhosis, cellulitis and cats: a 'purrfect' combination for life-threatening spontaneous bacterial peritonitis from Pasteurella multocida.Hey, Penelope ; Gow, Paul J ; Torresi, Joseph ; Testro, Adam G