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Joel C Wight
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Wight, Joel C
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
117-Nov-2020EBV-tissue positive primary CNS lymphoma occurring after immunosuppression is a distinct immunobiological entity.Gandhi, Maher K; Hoang, Thanh; Law, Soi C; Brosda, Sandra; O'Rourke, Kacey; Tobin, Joshua W D; Vari, Frank; Murigneux, Valentine; Fink, J Lynn; Gunawardana, Jay; Gould, Clare M; Oey, Harald; Bednarska, Karolina; Delecluse, Susanne; Trappe, Ralf Ulrich; de Long, Lilia Merida; Sabdia, Muhammed Bilal; Bhagat, Govind; Hapgood, Greg; Blyth, Emily; Clancy, Leighton E; Wight, Joel C ; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Rimsza, Lisa M; Maguire, Alanna; Bojarczuk, Kamil; Chapuy, Bjoern; Keane, Colm
213-Feb-2020Utility of clinical comprehensive genomic characterisation for diagnostic categorisation in patients presenting with hypocellular bone marrow failure syndromes.Blombery, Piers; Fox, Lucy; Ryland, Georgina L; Thompson, Ella R; Lickiss, Jennifer; McBean, Michelle; Yerneni, Satwica; Hughes, David; Greenway, Anthea; Mechinaud, Francoise; Wood, Erica M; Lieschke, Graham J; Szer, Jeff; Barbaro, Pasquale; Roy, John; Wight, Joel C ; Lynch, Elly; Martyn, Melissa; Gaff, Clara; Ritchie, David
32019Outcomes of synchronous systemic and central nervous system (CNS) involvement of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma are dictated by the CNS disease: a collaborative study of the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance.Wight, Joel C ; Yue, Mimi; Keane, Colm; Johnston, Anna; Linton, Kim; Chin, Collin; Wai, Shin Hnin; Talaulikar, Dipti; Gasiorowski, Robin; Cheah, Chan Yoon; Gregory, Gareth P; Dickinson, Michael; Minson, Adrian; Coombes, Caitlin; Ku, Matthew; Lam, Stephanie; Hawkes, Eliza A 
4Dec-2018A Comparison of High-Dose Cytarabine During Induction Versus Consolidation Therapy in Newly Diagnosed AML.Schwarer, Anthony P ; Butler, Jason; Jackson, Kathryn; Beligaswatte, Ashanka; Martin, Louisa; Kennedy, Glen; Daniela, Zantomio; Lewis, Ian; Hiwase, Devendra; Wight, Joel C ; He, Simon ; Grigg, Andrew; Morris, Kirk; Mollee, Peter; Marlton, Paula
5Oct-2018Correlation of mutation status and morphological changes in essential thrombocythaemia and myelofibrosis.Chua, Chong Chyn ; Omerod, Amanda; Wight, Joel C ; Juneja, Surender; Zantomio, Daniela 
621-Jul-2018Dapsone safety in haematology patients: pathways to optimising Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia prophylaxis in haematology malignancy and transplant recipients.Urbancic, Karen F ; Pisasale, D ; Wight, Joel C ; Trubiano, Jason A 
72-May-2018Prognostic Markers in Core-Binding Factor AML and Improved Survival with Multiple Consolidation Cycles of Intermediate/High-dose Cytarabine.Prabahran, Ashvind; Tacey, Mark A ; Fleming, Shaun; Wei, Andrew; Tate, Courtney; Marlton, Paula; Wight, Joel C ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Tuckfield, Annabel; Szer, Jeff; Ritchie, David; Chee, Lynette
82018An abscopal effect may augment PD-1 inhibition in refractory classical Hodgkin lymphoma.Wight, Joel C ; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Berlangieri, Salvatore U ; Khor, Richard ; Grigg, Andrew P 
92018Prognostication of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the molecular era: moving beyond the IPI.Wight, Joel C ; Chong, Geoffrey ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Hawkes, Eliza A 
1014-Apr-2015Screening whole spine Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in multiple myeloma.Wight, J ; Morris, E; Stillwell, A; Grant, B; Lai, H C; Irving, I