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Mark A Tacey
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Tacey, Mark A
Tacey, Mark
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
127-Apr-2021Victoria (Australia) radiotherapy response to working through the first and second wave of COVID-19: Strategies and staffing.Rykers, Kym; Tacey, Mark A ; Bowes, Jack; Brown, Kerryn ; Yuen, Eva; Wilson, Carlene J ; Khor, Richard ; Foroudi, Farshad 
25-Apr-2021Neoadjuvant radiotherapy for locally advanced and high-risk breast cancer.Chidley, Phoebe; Foroudi, Farshad ; Tacey, Mark A ; Khor, Richard ; Yeh, Janice; Bevington, Elaine; Hyett, Anthony; Loh, Su Wen; Chew, Grace ; McCracken, James; Neoh, Derek E ; Yeo, Belinda ; Baker, Caroline; Jassal, Sunil; Law, Michael; Zantuck, Natalie; Cokelek, Margaret; Guerrieri, Mario; Brown, Belinda; Stoney, David; Ng, Michael; Chao, Michael 
323-Mar-2021Volumetric arc therapy: A viable option for right-sided breast with comprehensive regional nodal irradiation in conjunction with deep inspiration breath hold.Holt, Emily; Mantel, Amanda; Cokelek, Margaret; Tacey, Mark A ; Jassal, Sunny; Law, Michael; Zantuck, Natalie; Yong, Charles; Cheng, Michael; Viotto, Angela ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Chao, Michael
424-Feb-2021Global coagulation assays in healthy controls: are there compensatory mechanisms within the coagulation system?Lim, Hui Yin; Lui, Brandon; Tacey, Mark A ; Selan, Carly; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Burrell, Louise M ; Nandurkar, Harshal; Ho, Prahlad
5Jan-2021Prophylactic Negative-pressure Dressings Reduce Wound Complications and Resource Burden After Emergency Laparotomies.Liu, David Shi Hao ; Cheng, Chao; Islam, Rumana; Tacey, Mark A ; Sidhu, Ankur; Lam, David ; Strugnell, Neil
6Apr-2020Vertebral fractures following stereotactic body radiotherapy for spine metastases.Abbouchie, Hussein; Chao, Michael ; Tacey, Mark A ; Lim Joon, Daryl ; Ho, Huong; Guerrieri, Mario; Ng, Michael; Foroudi, Farshad 
711-Oct-2020Adjuvant radiotherapy for endometrial cancer with cervical stromal involvement: A patterns of practice survey in Australia and New Zealand.Lapuz, Carminia ; Govindarajulu, Geetha; Tacey, Mark A ; Lim, Adeline ; Johnson, Carol
8Jun-2020‘This is uncharted water for all of us’: challenges anticipated by hospital clinicians when voluntary assisted dying becomes legal in VictoriaKo, Danielle ; Detering, Karen M ; Sellars, Marcus ; McDougall, Rosalind; Hayes, Barbara; Pratt, Bridget; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Tacey, Mark A ; Shadbolt, Cade
9Feb-2020A population-based analysis of attributable hospitalisation costs of invasive fungal diseases in haematological malignancy patients using data linkage of state-wide registry and costing databases: 2009 - 2015.Valentine, Jake C; Morrissey, C Orla; Tacey, Mark A ; Liew, Danny; Patil, Sushrut; Ananda-Rajah, Michelle
10Feb-2020Assessment of Intrafraction Motion of the Urinary Bladder Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (cineMRI).Wilson, C; Moseshvili, E; Tacey, Mark A ; Quin, I; Lawrentschuk, N; Bolton, Damien M ; Lim Joon, Daryl ; Chao, M; Dunshea, T; Kron, T; Foroudi, Farshad 
11Jul-2019Temporal Changes in Characteristics, Treatment and Outcomes of Heart Failure Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Findings from Melbourne Interventional Group Registry.Chin, Ken Lee; Tacey, Mark A ; Reid, Christopher M; Tonkin, Andrew; Hopper, Ingrid; Brennan, Angela; Andrianopoulos, Nick; Duffy, Stephen J; Clark, David J ; Ajani, Andrew E; Liew, Danny
126-May-2019Trends in Conservative Management for Low-risk Prostate Cancer in a Population-based Cohort of Australian Men Diagnosed Between 2009 and 2016.Ong, Wee Loon ; Evans, Sue M; Evans, Melanie; Tacey, Mark A ; Dodds, Lachlan; Kearns, Paul; Milne, Roger L; Foroudi, Farshad ; Millar, Jeremy
132-May-2018Prognostic Markers in Core-Binding Factor AML and Improved Survival with Multiple Consolidation Cycles of Intermediate/High-dose Cytarabine.Prabahran, Ashvind; Tacey, Mark A ; Fleming, Shaun; Wei, Andrew; Tate, Courtney; Marlton, Paula; Wight, Joel C ; Grigg, Andrew P ; Tuckfield, Annabel; Szer, Jeff; Ritchie, David; Chee, Lynette
14Apr-2018An evaluation of global coagulation assays in myeloproliferative neoplasm.Lim, Hui Y; Ng, Cheryl; Rigano, Joseph; Tacey, Mark A ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Nandurkar, Harshal; Ho, Prahlad
15Sep-2017Venous thromboembolism management in Northeast Melbourne: how does it compare to international guidelines and data?Lim, Hui Yin; Chua, Chong C; Tacey, Mark A ; Sleeman, Matthew ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Nandurkar, Harshal; Ho, Prahlad
16Jul-2017Retrospective evaluation of venous thromboembolism: Are all transient provoking events the same?Chua, Chong Chyn ; Lim, Hui Yin; Tacey, Mark A ; Nandurkar, Harshal; Ho, Prahlad W
17Jun-2017Significant age, race and gender differences in global coagulation assays parameters in the normal populationHo, Prahlad; Ng, Cheryl; Rigano, Joseph; Tacey, Mark A ; Smith, Carole; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Nandurkar, Harshal
18Jun-2016Retrospective review on isolated distal deep vein thrombosis (IDDVT) - A benign entity or not?Ho, Prahlad; Lim, Hui Y; Chua, Chong Chyn ; Sleeman, Matthew ; Tacey, Mark A ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Nandurkar, Harshal
192016The effect of implementing a new guideline and operative pro forma on the detection and management of third- and fourth-degree perineal tears.Cornell, Kristin; De Souza, Alison; Tacey, Mark A ; Long, David M; Veerasingham, Mayooran