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Carlene J Wilson
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Wilson, Carlene J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
130-Oct-2020Returning to Work After Cancer in Australia: What Facilitates a Positive Return to Work Experience?Skaczkowski, Gemma ; Asahina, Akira; Wilson, Carlene J 
23-Oct-2020Can targeting information on cancer-related psychosocial services by male gender and rurality improve attitude to service use in this difficult-to-engage population?Harrison, Nathan J; Gunn, Kate M; Wilson, Carlene J 
3Oct-2020Distress and problem assessment among people living with cancer from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.Skaczkowski, Gemma ; Pejoski, Natalie; Kaur, Jasmeen; White, Victoria; Livingston, Patricia M; Wilson, Carlene J 
429-Sep-2020Longitudinal exploration of cancer-related cognitive impairment in patients with newly diagnosed aggressive lymphoma: protocol for a feasibility study.Gates, Priscilla; Gough, Karla; Dhillon, Haryana; Wilson, Carlene J ; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Doré, Vincent ; Perchyonok, Yuliya ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Walker, Adam K; Vardy, Janette L; de Ruiter, Michiel; Krishnasamy, Meinir
52-Sep-2020Mapping Information Needs over the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survivorship Trajectory for Esophago-gastric Cancer Patients and Their Main Supporters: a Retrospective Survey.Flight, Ingrid H; Chapman, Janine; Harrison, Nathan J; Bull, Jeff; Christensen, Christine; Koczwara, Bogda; Wilson, Carlene J 
6Aug-2020Pilot test of brief instructions to improve the self-management of general food cravingsChapman, Janine; Zientara, Jacquelyn; Wilson, Carlene J 
718-Apr-2020Influences on Public Perceptions of the Importance of, and Responsibility for, Supportive Care Following Cancer Diagnosis.Wilson, Carlene J ; Phyu, Win Lei Lei; Skaczkowski, Gemma 
810-Apr-2020The role of social norms in the relationship between anti-smoking advertising campaigns and smoking cessation: a scoping review.Dono, Joanne; Miller, Caroline; Ettridge, Kerry; Wilson, Carlene J 
931-Jan-2020Comparative systematic review of the psychometric properties of measures of illness perceptions in family members of individuals diagnosed with a chronic physical illness.Fletcher, Chloe; Flight, Ingrid; Gunn, Kate; Patterson, Pandora; Wilson, Carlene J 
10Jan-2020Childhood cancer, age at diagnosis and educational attainment: A meta-analysis.Gummersall, Timothy; Skaczkowski, Gemma ; Wilson, Carlene J 
1129-Nov-2019Sleep for heart health: Investigating the relationship between work day sleep, days off sleep, and cardiovascular risk in Australian train drivers.Chapman, Janine; Naweed, Anjum; Wilson, Carlene J ; Dorrian, Jillian
1210-Oct-2019Assessment of Intrafraction Motion of the Urinary Bladder Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (cineMRI).Wilson, C ; Moseshvili, E; Tacey, M; Quin, I; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Bolton, Damien M ; Joon, Daryl L; Chao, M ; Dunshea, T; Kron, T; Foroudi, Farshad 
13Oct-2019Illness Cognitions Among Adolescents and Young Adults Who Have a Parent with Cancer: a Qualitative Exploration Using the Common-Sense Model of Self-regulation as a Framework.Fletcher, Chloe; Wilson, Carlene J ; Flight, Ingrid; Gunn, Kate; Patterson, Pandora
14Mar-2019The role of rehabilitation in patients undergoing oesophagectomy for cancer and pre-malignant disease: A qualitative exploration of the views of patients, carers and healthcare providers.Bull, Jeff; Oster, Candice; Flight, Ingrid; Wilson, Carlene J ; Koczwara, Bogda; Watson, David I; Bright, Tim
152019‘I don’t think I'd feel good about myself if I was to give up smoking and go to one of these’: perceptions of e-cigarettes among South Australian young adult smokers and ex-smokersDono, Joanne; Wilson, Carlene J ; Ettridge, Kerry; Miller, Caroline
162019“I'm not the anti-smoker now. I just don't smoke anymore”: social obstacles to quitting smoking among emerging adultsDono, Joanne; Miller, Caroline; Ettridge, Kerry; Wilson, Carlene J 
172019Does Resilience Moderate the Relationship Between Stress and Smoking Status?Tsourtos, George; Ward, Paul R; Miller, Emma R; Hill, Kathy; Barton, Christopher; Wilson, Carlene J ; Woodman, Richard
182019Good training, systems and funding, not good luck: what hematologists and oncologists believe would make it easier for them to refer their cancer patients to psychosocial care.Fennell, Kate M; Bamford, Luke; Olver, Ian; Wilson, Carlene J 
192019Using a nominal group technique to approach consensus on a resilience intervention for smoking cessation in a lower socioeconomic population.Tsourtos, George; Foley, Kristen; Ward, Paul; Miller, Emma; Wilson, Carlene J ; Barton, Christopher; Lawn, Sharon
2018-Sep-2018The impact of sample type and procedural attributes on relative acceptability of different colorectal cancer screening regimens.Osborne, Joanne M; Flight, Ingrid; Wilson, Carlene J ; Chen, Gang; Ratcliffe, Julie; Young, Graeme P