Carlene J Wilson

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Carlene J Wilson
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Wilson, Carlene J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2024Breast cancer screening motivation and behaviours of women aged over 75 years.Dickson-Swift, Virginia; Adams, Joanne; Spelten, Evelien; Blackberry, Irene; Wilson, Carlene J ; Yuen, Eva Y N 
229-Dec-2023"Life Without Symptoms" or "Being Able to Enjoy Life": What does it Mean to be "Well" After Cancer?Skaczkowski, Gemma ; Orbell, Sheina; Wilson, Carlene J 
315-Dec-2023Validation of the Consumer Health Activation Index (CHAI) in general population samples of older Australians.Flight, Ingrid; Harrison, Nathan J; Symonds, Erin L; Young, Graeme; Wilson, Carlene J 
418-Sep-2023Improving Medication Safety in Cancer Services for Ethnic Minority Consumers: Protocol for a Pilot Feasibility and Acceptability Study of a Co-Designed Consumer Engagement Intervention.Newman, Bronwyn; Chin, Melvin; Robinson, Louisa; Chauhan, Ashfaq; Manias, Elizabeth; Wilson, Carlene J ; Harrison, Reema
523-Aug-2023'Being a farmer, I mostly always think there is something more important to do': A mixed methods analysis of the skin cancer detection practices of Australian farmers.Fletcher, Chloe M E; Trenerry, Camilla; Wilson, Carlene J ; Gunn, Kate M
6Aug-2023Caregiver and care recipient health literacy, social support and connectedness on caregiver psychological morbidity: A cross-sectional dyad survey.Yuen, Eva Y N ; Wilson, Carlene J ; Livingston, Patricia M; White, Victoria; McLeod, Vicki; Dufton, Polly H ; Hutchinson, Alison M
7Jul-2023Development and initial psychometric evaluation of the Perceptions of Parental Illness Questionnaire for Cancer.Fletcher, Chloe M E; Flight, Ingrid; Gunn, Kate M; Patterson, Pandora; Wilson, Carlene J 
8Jun-2023Utilizing RE-AIM to scope potential for feasible immigrant cancer literacy education.Hughes-Barton, Donna; Chapman, Janine; Flight, Ingrid; Wilson, Carlene J 
96-Feb-2023Burden prediction in cancer caregivers: role of social support and connectedness.Yuen, Eva Yn; Wilson, Carlene J ; Livingston, Patricia M; White, Victoria M; McLeod, Vicki; Hutchinson, Alison M
106-Feb-2023Efficacy of mindfulness and goal setting interventions for increasing resilience and reducing smoking in lower socio-economic groups: randomised controlled trial protocol.De Zylva, Reece; Mortimer, Elissa; Miller, Emma; Tsourtos, George; Lawn, Sharon; Wilson, Carlene J ; Karnon, Jonathan; Woodman, Richard; Ward, Paul
11Oct-2022Assessing the environment for engagement in health services: The Audit for Consumer Engagement (ACE) tool.Chauhan, Ashfaq; Newman, Bronwyn; Walpola, Ramesh Lahiru; Seale, Holly; Manias, Elizabeth; Wilson, Carlene J ; Harrison, Reema
1224-Sep-2022Patient attitudes towards changes in colorectal cancer surveillance: An application of the Health Belief Model.Dix, Maddison; Wilson, Carlene J ; Flight, Ingrid H; Wassie, Molla M; Young, Graeme P; Cock, Charles; Cohen-Woods, Sarah; Symonds, Erin L
1312-Sep-2022Examining social class as it relates to heuristics women use to determine the trustworthiness of information regarding the link between alcohol and breast cancer risk.Meyer, Samantha B; Lunnay, Belinda; Warin, Megan; Foley, Kristen; Olver, Ian N; Wilson, Carlene J ; Macdonald S, Sara; Ward, Paul R
141-Aug-2022'I have a healthy relationship with alcohol': Australian midlife women, alcohol consumption and social class.Lunnay, Belinda; Foley, Kristen; Meyer, Samantha B; Miller, Emma R; Warin, Megan; Wilson, Carlene J ; Olver, Ian N; Batchelor, Samantha; Thomas, Jessica A; Ward, Paul R
1514-Jun-2022Cancer-related cognitive impairment in patients with newly diagnosed aggressive lymphoma undergoing standard chemotherapy: a longitudinal feasibility study.Gates, Priscilla ; Krishnasamy, Meinir; Wilson, Carlene J ; Hawkes, Eliza A ; Doré, Vincent ; Perchyonok, Yuliya ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Walker, Adam K; Vardy, Janette L; de Ruiter, Michiel B; Cushion, Tania; Dhillon, Haryana M; Gough, Karla
1619-May-2022Failure to attend radiation oncology appointments during COVID-19: Analysis of data from an Australian public hospital.Wilson, Carlene J ; Romaniuk, Helena; Orellana, Lilliana; White, Victoria; Foroudi, Farshad ; Livingston, Patricia M
173-Mar-2022"She'll Be Right, Mate": A Mixed Methods Analysis of Skin Cancer Prevention Practices among Australian Farmers-An At-Risk Group.Trenerry, Camilla; Fletcher, Chloe; Wilson, Carlene J ; Gunn, Kate
182022Mapping Information Needs over the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survivorship Trajectory for Esophago-gastric Cancer Patients and Their Main Supporters: a Retrospective Survey.Flight, Ingrid H; Chapman, Janine; Harrison, Nathan J; Bull, Jeff; Christensen, Christine; Koczwara, Bogda; Wilson, Carlene J 
192022Levels of Parental Drinking in the Presence of Children: An Exploration of Attitudinal Correlates.Bowden, Jacqueline A; Delfabbro, Paul; Room, Robin; Miller, Caroline L; Wilson, Carlene J 
2022-Dec-2021The Relationship between Cancer Caregiver Burden and Psychological Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Social Connectedness.Yuen, Eva Y N ; Wilson, Carlene J