Eva Y N Yuen

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Eva Y N Yuen
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Yuen, Eva Y N
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2023Caregiver and care recipient health literacy, social support and connectedness on caregiver psychological morbidity: A cross-sectional dyad survey.Yuen, Eva Y N ; Wilson, Carlene J ; Livingston, Patricia M; White, Victoria; McLeod, Vicki; Dufton, Polly H ; Hutchinson, Alison M
2Jun-2023Valued Outcomes in the Cancer Experience (VOICE)™: Development and validation of a multidimensional measure of perceived control.Zaleta, Alexandra K; Fortune, Erica E; Miller, Melissa F; Yuen, Eva Y N ; McManus, Shauna; Hurley, Karen; Golant, Mitch; Goldberger, Sara; Shockney, Lillie D; Buzaglo, Joanne S
32022Experiences and needs of people with haematological cancers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study.Zomerdijk, Nienke; Jongenelis, Michelle; Yuen, Eva Y N ; Turner, Jane; Huntley, Kathryn; Smith, Andrew; McIntosh, Megan; Short, Camille E
422-Dec-2021The Relationship between Cancer Caregiver Burden and Psychological Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Social Connectedness.Yuen, Eva Y N ; Wilson, Carlene J 
5Nov-2021Best practice in the implementation of telehealth-based supportive cancer care: Using research evidence and discipline-based guidance.Spelten, Evelien R; Hardman, Ruth N; Pike, Kerryn E; Yuen, Eva Y N ; Wilson, Carlene J 
625-Aug-2021Patient-Reported Communication With Their Health Care Team About New Treatment Options for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.Kranzler, Elissa C; Olson, Julie S; Nichols, Helen M; Yuen, Eva Y N ; McManus, Shauna; Buzaglo, Joanne S; Zaleta, Alexandra K
7Jun-2021Victoria (Australia) radiotherapy response to working through the first and second wave of COVID-19: Strategies and staffing.Rykers, Kym; Tacey, Mark A ; Bowes, Jack; Brown, Kerryn ; Yuen, Eva Y N ; Wilson, Carlene J ; Khor, Richard ; Foroudi, Farshad 
820-May-2021The Impact of Illness Perceptions and Coping Strategies on Use of Supportive Care for Cancer.Stephenson, Peta; Yuen, Eva Y N ; Skaczkowski, Gemma ; Spelten, Evelien R; Orbell, Sheina; Wilson, Carlene J