Angela Viotto

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Angela Viotto
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Viotto, Angela
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2021Volumetric arc therapy: A viable option for right-sided breast with comprehensive regional nodal irradiation in conjunction with deep inspiration breath hold.Holt, Emily; Mantel, Amanda; Cokelek, Margaret; Tacey, Mark A ; Jassal, Sunny; Law, Michael; Zantuck, Natalie; Yong, Charles; Cheng, Michael; Viotto, Angela ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Chao, Michael
2Jan-2021Exploratory models comparing ethiodized oil-glue and gold fiducials for bladder radiotherapy image-guidance.Lim Joon, Daryl ; Berlangieri, Alexandra ; Harris, Benjamin; Tacey, Mark A ; O'Meara, Rachel ; Pitt, Brent; Viotto, Angela ; Brown, Kerryn ; Schneider, Michal; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Sengupta, Shomik ; Berry, Colleen ; Jenkins, Trish ; Chao, Michael ; Wada, Morikatsu ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Khoo, Vincent
3Jul-2019Fiducial markers: can the urologist do better?Duncan, Catriona; Joon, Daryl Lim; Lawrentschuk, Nathan; Jenkins, Trish ; Schneider, Michal; Khoo, Vincent; Chao, Michael ; Lawlor, Marita ; O'Meara, Rachel ; Berry, Colleen ; Viotto, Angela ; Brown, Kerryn ; Wada, Morikatsu ; Foroudi, Farshad ; Sengupta, Shomik 
41-Sep-2011Toxicity and Long-Term Outcomes of Dose-Escalated Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy to 74Gy for Localised Prostate Cancer in a Single Australian Centre.Sia, Joseph; Joon, Daryl Lim; Viotto, Angela ; Mantle, Carmel; Quong, George; Rolfo, Aldo; Wada, Morikatsu ; Anderson, Nigel; Rolfo, Maureen; Khoo, Vincent