Grace Chew

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Grace Chew
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Chew, Grace
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
116-Jan-2023Surgeons have a high infertility rate and pregnancy complications - what are we doing about it in Australia?Kevric, Jasmina; Suter, Katherine; Hodgson, Russell; Chew, Grace 
21-Jan-2023Pathological complete response and oncological outcomes in locally advanced breast cancers treated with neoadjuvant radiotherapy: an Australian perspective.Lin, Yuan-Hong; Chidley, Phoebe; Admojo, Lorenztino; Jassal, Sunil; Zantuck, Natalie; Foroudi, Farshad ; Bevington, Elaine; Chew, Grace ; Hyett, Anthony; Loh, Su Wen; Ng, Suat Li; Leech, Tristan; Baker, Caroline; Law, Michael; Ooi, Wei Ming ; Yong, Charles; Khor, Richard ; Chao, Michael 
327-Jul-2022A survey of Australian and New Zealand medical parents' experiences of infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood.Kevric, Jasmina; Suter, Katherine; Hodgson, Russell; Chew, Grace 
4Jun-2021Neoadjuvant radiotherapy for locally advanced and high-risk breast cancer.Chidley, Phoebe; Foroudi, Farshad ; Tacey, Mark A ; Khor, Richard ; Yeh, Janice; Bevington, Elaine; Hyett, Anthony; Loh, Su Wen; Chew, Grace ; McCracken, James; Neoh, Derek E ; Yeo, Belinda ; Baker, Caroline; Jassal, Sunil; Law, Michael; Zantuck, Natalie; Cokelek, Margaret; Guerrieri, Mario; Brown, Belinda; Stoney, David; Ng, Michael; Chao, Michael 
5Dec-2020Breast ultrasound in breast cancer surveillance; incremental cancers found at what cost?Bromley, Luke; Xu, Jennifer; Loh, Su-Wen; Chew, Grace ; Lau, Eddie ; Yeo, Belinda 
6Nov-2020"First Do No Harm": Significance of Delays from Diagnosis to Surgery in Patients with Non-metastatic Breast Cancer.Xu, Jennifer; Bromley, Luke; Chew, Grace ; Yeo, Belinda 
77-Aug-2020Silicone nipple discharge: A case report of an unusual presentation of breast implant rupture.Rahme, Jessica ; Liu, David Shi Hao ; Chew, Grace ; Zinn, Richard