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Nicole Sheers
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Sheers, Nicole
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2021Not Only about the Drugs: Improved Survival with Noninvasive Ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.Berlowitz, David J ; Sheers, Nicole 
2Aug-2019Pneumothorax in neuromuscular disease associated with lung volume recruitment and mechanical insufflation-exsufflation.McDonald, Luke A ; Berlowitz, David J ; Howard, Mark E ; Rautela, Linda ; Chao, Caroline ; Sheers, Nicole 
3May-2019Randomised controlled trial of polysomnographic titration of non-invasive ventilation.Hannan, Liam M ; Rautela, Linda ; Berlowitz, David J ; McDonald, Christine F ; Cori, Jennifer M ; Sheers, Nicole ; Chao, Caroline ; O'Donoghue, Fergal J ; Howard, Mark E 
42019Respiratory adjuncts to NIV in neuromuscular disease.Sheers, Nicole ; Howard, Mark E ; Berlowitz, David J 
5Mar-2018Airway clearance techniques in neuromuscular disorders: A state of the art review.Chatwin, Michelle; Toussaint, Michel; Gonçalves, Miguel R; Sheers, Nicole ; Mellies, Uwe; Gonzales-Bermejo, Jesus; Sancho, Jesus; Fauroux, Brigitte; Andersen, Tiina; Hov, Brit; Nygren-Bonnier, Malin; Lacombe, Matthieu; Pernet, Kurt; Kampelmacher, Mike; Devaux, Christian; Kinnett, Kathy; Sheehan, Daniel; Rao, Fabrizio; Villanova, Marcello; Berlowitz, David J ; Morrow, Brenda M
6May-2017A randomised controlled trial of CPAP versus non-invasive ventilation for initial treatment of obesity hypoventilation syndromeHoward, Mark E ; Piper, Amanda J; Stevens, Bronwyn ; Holland, Anne E ; Yee, Brendon J; Dabscheck, Eli; Mortimer, Duncan; Burge, Angela T ; Flunt, Daniel; Buchan, Catherine; Rautela, Linda ; Sheers, Nicole ; Hillman, David; Berlowitz, David J 
71-Nov-2016Music-assisted relaxation during transition to non-invasive ventilation in people with motor neuron disease: a qualitative case seriesDavies, Rebecca; Baker, Felicity A; Tamplin, Jeanette ; Bajo, Eleanor; Bolger, Karen; Sheers, Nicole ; Berlowitz, David J 
830-May-2016Music-assisted relaxation during transition to non-invasive ventilation in people with motor neuron diseaseTamplin, Jeanette ; Baker, Felicity; Bajo, Eleanor; Davies, Rebecca; Bolger, Karen; Sheers, Nicole ; Berlowitz, David
9Jan-2016Cough augmentation in subjects with duchenne muscular dystrophy: comparison of air stacking via a resuscitator bag versus mechanical ventilationToussaint, Michel; Pernet, Kurt; Steens, Marc; Haan, Jurn; Sheers, Nicole 
1010-Sep-2014Ambulatory adaptation of non-invasive ventilation in motor neuron disease: where limits of effectiveness end--reply.Sheers, Nicole ; Howard, Mark E ; Berlowitz, David J 
1120-Feb-2014Improved survival with an ambulatory model of non-invasive ventilation implementation in motor neuron disease.Sheers, Nicole ; Berlowitz, David J ; Rautela, Linda ; Batchelder, Ian; Hopkinson, Kim; Howard, Mark E