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Tracy L Leong
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Leong, Tracy L
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131-Dec-2023Nebulised granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) in autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Munsif, Maitri; Sweeney, Duncan J ; Leong, Tracy L ; Stirling, Rob G
21-Dec-2023The Feasibility of Quality Assurance in the TOPGEAR International Phase III Clinical Trial of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy for Gastric Cancer (An Intergroup Trial of the AGITG/TROG/NHMRC CTC/EORTC/CCTG).Lukovic, J; Moore, A J; Lee, M T; Willis, D; Ahmed, S; Akra, M; Hortobagyi, E; Kron, T; Lim Joon, D; Liu, A; Ryan, J; Thomas, M; Wall, K; Ward, I; Wiltshire, K L; O'Callaghan, C J; Wong, R K S; Ringash, J G; Haustermans, K; Leong, Tracy L 
330-Nov-2023Association between the modified lung immune predictive index and clinical outcomes of advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with first-line immune checkpoint inhibitors combined with chemotherapy.Xu, Hanyan; Tian, Wenyi; Lin, Xiuxiu; Leong, Tracy L ; Seki, Nobuhiko; Ichiki, Yoshinobu; Su, Shanshan; Chen, Junjie; Li, Yuping; Ye, Junru
431-Jul-2023Overexpression of MRPL19 in predicting poor prognosis and promoting the development of lung adenocarcinoma.Wei, Dong; Sun, Daqiang; Sirera, Rafael; Afzal, Muhammad Zubair; Leong, Tracy L ; Li, Xin; Wang, Yuhang
513-Apr-2023Early immune pressure initiated by tissue-resident memory T┬ácells sculpts tumor evolution in non-small cell lung cancer.Weeden, Clare E; Gayevskiy, Velimir; Marceaux, Claire; Batey, Daniel; Tan, Tania; Yokote, Kenta; Ribera, Nina Tubau; Clatch, Allison; Christo, Susan; Teh, Charis E; Mitchell, Andrew J; Trussart, Marie; Rankin, Lucille C; Obers, Andreas; McDonald, Jackson A; Sutherland, Kate D; Sharma, Varun J; Starkey, Graham M ; D'Costa, Rohit; Antippa, Phillip; Leong, Tracy L ; Steinfort, Daniel; Irving, Louis; Swanton, Charles; Gordon, Claire L ; Mackay, Laura K; Speed, Terence P; Gray, Daniel H D; Asselin-Labat, Marie-Liesse
6Apr-2023Methods for assessment of the tumour microenvironment and immune interactions in non-small cell lung cancer. A narrative review.Rangamuwa, Kanishka; Aloe, Christian; Christie, Michael; Asselin-Labat, Marie-Liesse; Batey, Daniel; Irving, Lou; John, Tom ; Bozinovski, Steven; Leong, Tracy L ; Steinfort, Daniel
728-Feb-2023Differential organ-specific tumor response to first-line immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in non-small cell lung cancer-a retrospective cohort study.Wang, Qi; Fang, Yujia; Li, Chunyu; Leong, Tracy L ; Provencio, Mariano; Oh, In-Jae; Zhang, Zhemin; Su, Chunxia
82023Editorial: Overcoming drug relapse and therapy resistance in NSCLC.Parakh, Sagun ; Leong, Tracy L ; Best, Sarah A; Poh, Ashleigh R
92023Heterogeneity of tumour mutational burden in metastatic NSCLC demonstrated by endobronchial ultrasound sampling.Leong, Tracy L ; Aloe, Christian; Aujla, Savreet; Wang, Hao; Gayevskiy, Velimir; Asselin-Labat, Marie-Liesse; Gray, Lesley-Ann; Steinfort, Daniel; Bozinovski, Steven
1029-Aug-2022Development of an Australia and New Zealand Lung Cancer Clinical Quality Registry: a protocol paper.Smith, Shantelle; Brand, Margaret; Harden, Susan; Briggs, Lisa; Leigh, Lillian; Brims, Fraser; Brooke, Mark; Brunelli, Vanessa N; Chia, Collin; Dawkins, Paul; Lawrenson, Ross; Duffy, Mary; Evans, Sue; Leong, Tracy L ; Marshall, Henry; Patel, Dainik; Pavlakis, Nick; Philip, Jennifer; Rankin, Nicole; Singhal, Nimit; Stone, Emily; Tay, Rebecca; Vinod, Shalini; Windsor, Morgan; Wright, Gavin M; Leong, David; Zalcberg, John; Stirling, Rob G
1116-Aug-2022Unexpected case of accelerated silicosis in a female quarry worker.Leong, Tracy L ; Wimaleswaran, Hari ; Williams, David S ; Goh, Nicole S L ; Hoy, Ryan F
12Jun-2022To biopsy or not to biopsy? Outcomes following stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for biopsy-confirmed versus radiologically-diagnosed primary lung cancer in a single Australian institution.Koh, Tze Lui ; Ong, Wee Loon ; Farrugia, Briana; Leong, Tracy L ; Lapuz, Carminia ; Lim, Adeline 
13Jun-2022A cohort study of the efficacy and safety of immune checkpoint inhibitors plus anlotinib versus immune checkpoint inhibitors alone as the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer in the real world.Shi, Yue; Ji, Min; Jiang, Yingying; Yin, Rong; Wang, Zihan; Li, Hang; Wang, Shuaiyu; He, Kang; Ma, Yuxin; Wang, Zhitong; Lu, Jianwei; Shi, Meiqi; Shen, Bo; Zhou, Guoren; Leong, Tracy L ; Wang, Xiaohua; Chen, Cheng; Feng, Jifeng
1417-May-2022Contemporary Concise Review 2021: Pulmonary nodules from detection to intervention.Stone, Emily; Leong, Tracy L 
15May-2022Programmed Death-Ligand 1 Copy Number Loss in NSCLC Associates With Reduced Programmed Death-Ligand 1 Tumor Staining and a Cold Immunophenotype.Aujla, Savreet; Aloe, Christian; Vannitamby, Amanda; Hendry, Shona; Rangamuwa, Kanishka; Wang, Hao; Vlahos, Ross; Selemidis, Stavros; Leong, Tracy L ; Steinfort, Daniel; Bozinovski, Steven
16May-2022PD-L1 copy number loss in NSCLC associates with reduced PD-L1 tumour staining and a cold immunophenotype.Aujla, Savreet; Aloe, Christian; Vannitamby, Amanda; Hendry, Shona; Rangamuwa, Kanishka; Wang, Hao; Vlahos, Ross; Selemidis, Stavros; Leong, Tracy L ; Steinfort, Daniel; Bozinovski, Steven
1729-Mar-2022Impact of smoking status and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on pulmonary complications post lung cancer surgery.Jeganathan, Vishnu ; Knight, Simon R ; Bricknell, Matthew; Ridgers, Anna; Wong, Raymond ; Brazzale, Danny J ; Ruehland, Warren R ; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz ; Leong, Tracy L ; McDonald, Christine F 
18Mar-2022Rate and risk factors of recurrent immune checkpoint inhibitor-related pneumonitis in patients with lung cancer.Tao, Haitao; Li, Fangfang; Wu, Dongxiao; Ji, Shiyu; Liu, Qingyan; Wang, Lijie; Liu, Bo; Facchinetti, Francesco; Leong, Tracy L ; Passiglia, Francesco; Hu, Yi
19Jan-2022Hospital-based multidisciplinary lung cancer care in Australia: a survey of the landscape in 2021.Brims, Fraser J H; Kumarasamy, Chellan; Nash, Jessica; Leong, Tracy L ; Stone, Emily; Marshall, Henry M
2022-Nov-2021Teaching Radial Endobronchial Ultrasound with a Three-Dimensional-printed Radial Ultrasound Model.Ridgers, Anna; Li, Jasun ; Coles-Black, Jasamine ; Jiang, Michael ; Chen, Gordon ; Chuen, Jason ; McDonald, Christine F ; Hepworth, Graham; Steinfort, Daniel P; Irving, Louis B; Wallbridge, Peter D ; Jennings, Barton R; Nguyen, Phan; Leong, Tracy L