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Megan Storer
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Storer, Megan
Storer, Meg
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
111-Sep-2020Integration of Inpatient and Residential Care In-Reach Service Model and Hospital Resource Utilization: A Retrospective Audit.Kwa, Jie-Min; Storer, Megan ; Ma, Ronald ; Yates, Paul A 
2Jan-2020In-hospital morbidity and mortality among patients from residential respite care.Low, Zi Yi ; Storer, Megan ; Tai, Rebecca ; Yates, Paul A 
31-Aug-2003The mid-term outcome of geometric endoventricular repair for the patients with ischemic left ventricular dysfunction.Hata, Mitsumasa; Raman, Jai S ; Storer, Meg ; Matalanis, George ; Rosalion, Alexander; Buxton, Brian F ; Hare, David L 
41-Apr-2002Post harvest wound infection and patient's perception: comparative study between radial artery and saphenous vein harvest sites.Hata, Mitsumasa; Raman, Jai S ; Matalanis, George ; Rosalion, Alexander; Storer, Meg ; Hare, David L ; Buxton, Brian F 
51-Oct-2001The mid-term results of ventricular containment (ACORN WRAP) for end-stage ischemic cardiomyopathy.Raman, Jai S ; Hata, Mitsumasa; Storer, M ; Power, JM; Buxton, Brian F ; Alferness, Clif A; Hare, David L