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Paul A Yates
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Yates, Paul A
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Yates, Paul
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
114-Jan-2021Frailty, MRI, and FDG-PET Measures in an Australian Memory Clinic CohortJordan, Nan; Gvalda, Matthew; Cody, Ross; Galante, Olivia; Haywood, Cilla J ; Yates, Paul A 
230-Nov-2020Unmet needs: COVID-19 and the “wandering” patientHack, Emma ; Yates, Paul A 
311-Sep-2020Integration of Inpatient and Residential Care In-Reach Service Model and Hospital Resource Utilization: A Retrospective Audit.Kwa, Jie-Min; Storer, Megan ; Ma, Ronald ; Yates, Paul A 
46-Jun-2020Restricted Effect of Cerebral Microbleeds on Regional Magnetic Susceptibility.Fazlollahi, Amir; Raniga, Parnesh; Bourgeat, Pierrick; Yates, Paul A ; Bush, Ashley I; Salvado, Olivier; Ayton, Scott
56-Jun-2020Resilience effects on frailty and outcomes in rehabilitation geriatrics.Kohler, Sabrina; Yates, Paul A ; Rametta, Robert; Poulter, Matthew; Vogrin, Sara
64-Mar-2020Comparison of amyloid PET measured in Centiloid units with neuropathological findings in Alzheimer's disease.Amadoru, Sanka ; Doré, Vincent ; McLean, Catriona A; Hinton, Fairlie; Shepherd, Claire E; Halliday, Glenda M; Leyton, Cristian E; Yates, Paul A ; Hodges, John R; Masters, Colin L ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Rowe, Christopher C 
7Jan-2020In-hospital morbidity and mortality among patients from residential respite care.Low, Zi Yi ; Storer, Megan ; Tai, Rebecca ; Yates, Paul A 
82020Influence of Comorbidity of Cerebrovascular Disease and Amyloid-β on Alzheimer's Disease.Yassi, Nawaf; Hilal, Saima; Xia, Ying; Lim, Yen Ying; Watson, Rosie; Kuijf, Hugo; Fowler, Christopher; Yates, Paul A ; Maruff, Paul; Martins, Ralph; Ames, David; Chen, Christopher; Rowe, Christopher; Villemagne, Victor; Salvado, Olivier; Desmond, Patricia M; Masters, Colin L 
9Dec-2019Resuscitation planning on a subacute geriatric evaluation and management ward.Strasser, Rupert; Smith, Roger; Yates, Paul A ; Reid, David; Katz, Benny
1014-Aug-2019Introducing Goals of Patient Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities to Decrease Hospitalization: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial.Martin, RS; Hayes, BJ; Hutchinson, A; Yates, Paul A ; Lim, WK
1123-Jul-2019APOE and cortical superficial siderosis in CAA: Meta-analysis and potential mechanismsCharidimou, A; Zonneveld, HI; Shams, S; Kantarci, K; Shoamanesh, A; Hilal, S; Yates, Paul A ; Boulouis, G; Na, HK; Pasi, M; Biffi, A; Chai, YL; Chong, JR; Wahlund, LO; Jack, C; Chen, C; Gurol, ME; Goldstein, JN; Na, DL; Barkhof, F; Seo, SW; Rosand, J; Greenberg, SM; Viswanathan, A
12Apr-2019A decade of changes in brain volume and cognition.Aljondi, Rowa; Szoeke, Cassandra; Steward, Chris; Yates, Paul A ; Desmond, Patricia
132019Sexual Dimorphism of Resting-State Network Connectivity in Healthy Ageing.Jamadar, Sharna D; Sforazzini, Francesco; Raniga, Parnesh; Ferris, Nicholas J; Paton, Bryan; Bailey, Michael J; Brodtmann, Amy ; Yates, Paul A ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Ward, Stephanie A; Woods, Robyn L; Storey, Elsdon; McNeil, John J; Egan, Gary F
1424-Nov-2018Is increased carer knowledge of the health care system associated with decreased preventable hospitalizations for people in the community diagnosed with dementia? A systematic review protocol.Tehan, Jane V; Panayiotou, Anita; Baxter, Helen ; Yates, Paul A ; Tropea, Joanne; Batchelor, Frances
15Jun-2018Factors influencing decision-making processes for unwell residents in residential aged care: Hospital transfer or Residential InReach referral?Amadoru, Sanka ; Rayner, Jo-Anne; Joseph, Rajni; Yates, Paul A 
16Feb-2018Self-reported confusion is related to global and regional β-amyloid: data from the Women's healthy ageing projectMcCluskey, Georgia E; Yates, Paul A ; Villemagne, Victor L ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Szoeke, Cassandra EI
1710-Mar-2017Implementation of 'Goals of Patient Care' medical treatment orders in residential aged care facilities: protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Martin, Ruth S; Hayes, Barbara J; Hutchinson, Anastasia; Yates, Paul A ; Lim, Wen Kwang
18Jan-2017ASPREE-NEURO study protocol: a randomized controlled trial to determine the effect of low-dose aspirin on cerebral microbleeds, white matter hyperintensities, cognition, and stroke in the healthy elderlyWard, Stephanie A; Raniga, Parnesh; Ferris, Nicholas J; Woods, Robyn L; Storey, Elsdon; Bailey, Michael J; Brodtmann, Amy ; Yates, Paul A ; Donnan, Geoffrey A ; Trevaks, Ruth E; Wolfe, Rory; Egan, Gary F; McNeil, John J; ASPREE investigator group
19Dec-2015Computer-aided detection of cerebral microbleeds in susceptibility-weighted imagingFazlollahi, Amir; Meriaudeau, Fabrice; Giancardo, Luca; Villemagne, Victor L ; Rowe, Christopher C ; Yates, Paul A ; Salvado, Olivier; Bourgeat, Pierrick; AIBL Research Group
20Oct-201518F-FDG PET Improves Diagnosis in Patients with Focal-Onset DementiasTaswell, Carl; Villemagne, Victor L ; Yates, Paul A ; Shimada, Hitoshi; Leyton, Cristian E; Ballard, Kirrie J; Piguet, Olivier; Burrell, James R; Hodges, John R; Rowe, Christopher C