Nicholas J Radcliffe

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Nicholas J Radcliffe
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Radcliffe, Nicholas J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2023Site of care and factors associated with mortality in unvaccinated Australian aged care residents during COVID-19 outbreaks.Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Lau, Liza; Hack, Emma ; Huynh, Andrew; Puri, Arvind ; Yao, Henry; Wong, Aaron ; Kohler, Sabrina; Chua, Maggie; Amadoru, Sanka ; Haywood, Cilla J ; Yates, Paul A 
216-Nov-2021COVID-19 Pandemic: End of Life Experience in Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities.Hack, Emma ; Hayes, Barbara; Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Monda, Sally; Yates, Paul A 
3Jan-2019Diabetes and higher HbA1c levels are independently associated with adverse renal outcomes in inpatients following multiple hospital admissions.Torkamani, Niloufar ; Churilov, Leonid ; Robbins, Raymond J ; Jerums, George ; Beik, V; Radcliffe, N ; Patterson, S ; Bellomo, Rinaldo ; Burns, James D; Hart, Graeme K ; Lam, Que T ; Power, David A ; MacIsaac, Richard J; Johnson, D F; Zajac, Jeffrey; Ekinci, Elif I 
4Jan-2017Clinical predictive factors in diabetic kidney disease progression.Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Seah, Jas-Mine ; Clarke, Michele; MacIsaac, Richard J; Jerums, George ; Ekinci, Elif I 
5Mar-2016Elevated baseline glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is independently associated with a more rapid decline in renal function of patients with type 1 diabetes.Thomson, Hilary J; Ekinci, Elif I ; Radcliffe, Nicholas J ; Seah, Jas-mine; MacIsaac, Richard J; Jerums, George ; Premaratne, Erosha